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  • Oh, look, I never noticed you were actually a year younger than me! I totally pictured you older, for a reason. :p

    Happy Birthday, Auride! Hope you enjoy it! :D
    That Porygon2 card is so cool! =D Even just the stuff you posted in the CaC thread is awesome, I really really like it! I look forward to seeing the image-based card of it one day! ^_^
    Hey Auride! I think you may be interested in the Forum Game The Challenge, which is currently being hosted by Celever and myself. We're still looking for sign ups to start the game, so you playing would be awesome! Link
    Saturday I didn't end up getting more CP. Round 1 I got haxxed badly. I had lowered both opponent's Attack and Special Attack. I go to switch my Salamence to Charizard for better field position. My Charizard takes a crit from Dragon Claw knocking it into the red. My Sableye takes a Thunderbolt that crits leaving its HP super low also. Later that game I also miss with 2 / 3 of Draco Meteor.

    Round 2 I won easily.

    Round 3 I won in I believe 3 turns, possibly 4 turns. I swept with Garchomp's EQ.

    Round 4 I lost mainly due to not choosing the right Pokemon to lead with. Sableye + Sylveon fails big time against a Mawile + Meowstic lead. I never get set up and got totally destroyed that match.
    Auride, you'd have to use 108 EVs in SDef if you want to guarantee the survival of Overheat. You could use 84 though which makes it so Charizard can only get a OHKO 6.3% of the time. Using the 84 you still can have enough EVs in Def to survive adamant 252 Iron Head from Aegislash.

    I replied on your profile because I didn't have time to do a full rate and just adding a damage calculation wouldn't be considered giving a rate.

    Also, it'd be worth testing Tyranitar on your team over Barbaracle. I used to use a defensive spread, but it still did enough damage to be worthwhile. The sandstorm it brings up is nice for getting rid of any Focus Sash Pokemon you may run across, which could include support Talonflame.
    Your calc for Aromatisse taking Mega Charizard Y's Overheat is only accurate if the weather is none. If it is sun, you are looking at 85.9 - 101.9% which turns out to be a 18.8% chance to OHKO.
    You don't understand. Playing random rogues IS my playstyle. And it's solo much fun! But I'm torn between playing what's fun, and what will probably have the better chance of winning. Why does the meta have to exist? :(
    Hey! Answering your question here so the thread doesn't go too off-topic.

    You can have multiple spoilers inside one spoiler, but only one layer. The first one needs to be unnamed to have multiple under it.


    The code:

    If you want the main spoiler named, you can only have one other spoiler tag in it that cannot be named.
    I know I'm guilty of using BW era wording in my custom XY set, but when it comes to the CaC competition you need to stick precisely to the era you're faking in. Hydreigon-EX's attack's wording is fine for BW era, but in the XY era it should read "This attack does 10 less damage for each Pokémon in your discard pile." Look at Walrein from Flashfire for reference.

    The rest of that card is awesome though, so well done there!
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