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    Little Cherrim


    Edit: exact same thing as last B.B.

  2. Threadmark: Game Start - An Opening Twist
    Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Game Start

    Hello all! Welcome to the beginning of the game, All-Stars! Seeing as none of us are new, I don't think we need any introductions. Me, a returning host, and all of you returning players. You know the ropes of the game, how to get your foot in the door and make allies. There're surely lots of laughs, lies, and betrayals ahead of you this time around. Thanks for joining PokéBeach Big Brother's 5th Anniversary season! Let's get the ball rolling!

    But first... a little information. Since you're all returning players that've played a wide variety of seasons, here's a portfolio of every single returning player in this game. Now you've got an idea of the kinds of players you're up against! I'd highly suggest reading through these. No matter if you've only played once or up to four times, this can only help you.

    Originates From BB1:
    @Nyora is the Second Runner-Up of BB1. She later competed in BB2 and BB3.

    In BB1, Nyora was in an interesting position. She was in a clear majority with the infamous Giga Alliance. However, at one point she flipped to the minority alliance, and assumed a position that involved her working in an underdog position, mostly to her own doing. She sat alongside @quakingpunch73 and @double o squirtle in the finale, and she looked to be in a perfect position to win, seeing as the jury felt hurt or betrayed by Cody and Quaking. Ultimately, the lack of any reason for her flipping resulted in the jury's loss of respect for her gameplay, and she lost in a 5-4-0 vote, receiving no votes to win.

    In BB2, Nyora played the game lightly, though treading dangerous waters. She came in the minority, and was quickly a target. She was helped by @quakingpunch73 and @Mr.Muffin being modkilled and dropping respectively, but was ultimately evicted during Week 3's Eviction in a 3-2 vote.

    BB3 was largely a different story, Nyora tried recreating her chaotic presence from BB1. Being in contact with both @VioletValkyrie and @Mariano11887, but crossing alliance lines on both fronts and telling people things. Despite all the chaos she caused, she was ultimately modkilled for inactivity.

    BB1: 3/17 (Second Runner-Up)
    BB2: 9/13
    BB3: 10/16
    @NinjaPenguin is the Runner-Up of BB2. He originally competed in BB1, and later in BB3 and BB4. This makes him the only player to have participated in every single season of PokéBeach Big Brother.

    In BB1, NP tested his limits, and went to see what he was fully capable of. Though not starting off in the Giga Alliance, he learned of who was in it through @TheFlyingPidove, and gained power through that connection. He eventually made a deal with @Vracken for mutual safety, but after the target: @Blakers pulled himself off the block, he was the backdoor. His houseguests recognized his perceived shady play style, and he was backdoored in a 4-2 vote.

    In BB2, NP dominated in every aspect of the game. Due to his seemingly underwhelming performance in the season before, NP was largely overlooked as a serious threat. After going the distance, and by the end being the only player not to have been eliminated at some point, he made it to the finale with his ride-or-die @Celever, but lost the game to him in a 5-2 vote.

    In BB3, NP was one of the founders of the Galactic Empire alliance, regarded as the most powerful alliance in the game's history. He was the first of the alliance to be eliminated, however he was the first player to win his way back into the game with the Long Road Back twist. From there he had a couple weeks of guaranteed immunity, and was in a position to sit back and relax. However, when previously evicted @Mariano11887 returned with an automatic HOH on a Double Eviction week, things got dicey for him as he was swiftly backdoored in a 2-1-0 vote.

    BB4 was a lot of the same, NP was in a dominant position all game. He masterfully orchestrated the blindside of @GekkisaiDaiNi, and looked to be in a perfect position game-wise. However, when he was nominated as a pawn after the week's target @Hermes saved himself, a 2-2 a tie vote occurred. Hermes then used an advantage to override the HOH's tie vote, resulting in the most unconventional backdoor in series history, and NP's second backdoor in a row.

    BB1: 10/17
    BB2: 2/13 (Runner-Up)
    BB3: 6/16
    BB4: 7/16

    Originates From BB2:
    @Celever is the Winner of BB2.

    In BB2, Cel played a dominant game, winning large amounts of competitions and staying in the majority with allies @NinjaPenguin, and @Little Cherrim. At one point he was evicted, though he was in luck as comebacks started directly after, which he won. He cruised his way to the Final 4, but lucked out after LC dropped allowing him to continue to the Final 3 he could not have made if otherwise. Once he was in the Final 2, he relied on strong ties to many jurors to crown him the winner in a 5-2 vote.

    BB2: 1/13 (Winner)
    @VioletValkyrie is a houseguest from BB2 and BB3.

    In BB2, Violet played a rather quiet game, and this worked for her for almost the entire stretch of the game, until she was evicted by her closest ally @NinjaPenguin at the Final 3, just before the finale.

    In BB3, she changed her game up entirely, becoming one of the most publicly dominant players of all time, being the main challenge beast of the Galactic Empire. She's remembered for her love of the spotlight and intense rivalry with @Mariano11887 that proved to be the center of the game. However, she was blindsided by @Lord o da rings, and she was evicted at the Final 5.

    BB2: 3/13
    BB3: 5/16
    @Little Cherrim is a houseguest from BB2, BB3, and BB4.

    In BB2, LC aligned with future winner @Celever and went deep into the game, eventually making it to the Final 4. However, deciding that he'd spent too much time on a certain clue in the Amazing Race week, he quit, not realizing he most likely would've stayed in the game had he known Celever himself had lagged for so long.

    In BB3, LC was a non-player of sorts. He maintained his spot in the game, and coasted along alright well into the jury phase. However, due to just generally being on the outs of the house, he was evicted over @Fiery_Lugia with a 2-1 vote.

    In BB4, he continued where he left off in the previous season for most of the game, and laid low. He was situated in the Fab Five with @TOTAL_EPICNESS, @NinjaPenguin, @Blakers, and @Lord o da rings. This alliance ran the game after the sudden blindside of @quakingpunch73, and filled every spot in the Final 4. However LC barely got the short end of the stick, was evicted by a sudden death round, and was named the final member of the jury.

    BB2: 4/13
    BB3: 8/16
    BB4: 4/16

    Originates From BB3:
    @Mariano11887 is the Second Runner-Up of BB3.

    In BB3, Mariano's game started off slowly. At first, he was at rock bottom, and blindsided by @Jadethepokemontrainer's elimination in Week 1, and his allies were picked off in following weeks. He got his hands dirty and started to win competitions, winning a back-to-back POV then HOH, which sparked his intense rivalry with @VioletValkyrie. The week after his time in power, he was backdoored by @Lord o da rings and evicted in a 5-2 vote. He later returned, being automatically rewarded an HOH on his return, which happened to be a Double Eviction week. He got to the finale, but due to his insane luck all season and his unwillingness to make a solid case for himself, he lost to Lorde in a 5-1-0 vote, not receiving a single vote.

    BB3: 3/16 (Second Runner-Up)
    @Fiery_Lugia is a houseguest from BB3 and BB4.

    In BB3, FL quickly aligned himself with @VioletValkyrie and @Nyora, the former ending up using them as a pawn. Despite this, FL was protected and grew a friendship with Violet. He was evicted during the Double Eviction week, when he couldn't be helped anymore in a 2-1-0 vote.

    BB4 was a much different story. At some point during the game, FL aligned with @quakingpunch73, and was taken under his wing. However, when Quaking was blindsided, FL was left isolated, and was modkilled shortly after Quaking's eviction.

    BB3: 7/16
    BB4: 10/16
    @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK is a houseguest from BB3 and BB4.

    In BB3, Nick was one of the players blindsided by @Jadethepokemontrainer's eviction on the first week, and had to watch as plenty of his allies got picked off one by one. He reached the jury phase, but come Survivor week he was swiftly eliminated with a 5-1-1 vote, becoming the first member of the jury.

    In BB4, Nick found himself in a solid alliance with @Lord o da rings and @Hermes, and stuck with them for most of his ride. Sometime later, he also reached out to @quakingpunch73 and worked with him as well. But directly after quaking's blindside at the hand of his allies, he was modkilled, being cut just one spot before the jury, as well as coming in 11th place for the second time in a row.

    BB3: 11/16
    BB4: 11/16
    @TOTAL_EPICNESS is the Runner-Up of BB4. He previously competed in BB3.

    In BB3, TE's presence was rather unremarkable. He coasted his way through the game while he remained in it, but was modkilled right before the jury phase. Despite this, he does have a particularly memorable quote from the season.

    In BB4, TE's play was completely and totally different. From the get-go, he was situated in an alliance with @Little Cherrim, @NinjaPenguin, @Lord o da rings, and @Blakers. This Fab Five alliance went deep into the game, and filled every spot of the Final 4. He weighed in a lot more in strategy, won two competitions of his own, and was the key player of an odd "Week off" twist. Despite a rather lackluster jury questioning, he still managed to secure 3 votes, but lost Lorde’s tiebreaker vote in a 4-3-1 vote to Blakers.

    BB3: 12/16
    BB4: 2/16 (Runner-Up)
    @Jadethepokemontrainer is a houseguest from BB3 and BB4.

    In BB3, Jade came into the game with a strong footing and tons of potential for making alliances. Despite this, he got caught making multiple alliance groups. Many players recognized this threat, and worked to eliminate him, which proved successful, as he was the first player evicted in a 9-3 vote. After he was evicted, he fought to regain his spot in the game through the Long Road Back twist. Starting from the beginning, he beat future evicted players in duels, but couldn't close and lost the final duel to @NinjaPenguin, who re-entered the game.

    In BB4, Jade attempted once again to work with a large group of people. Many of the same players who caught him in BB3 making multiple groups believed he was doing the same again. As a result, he was backdoored and evicted in a lopsided 12-1 vote. This marked the second time inn a row he was the first player evicted.

    BB3: 13/16
    BB4: 16/16

    Originates From BB4:
    @Hermes is a houseguest from BB4.

    In BB4, Hermes is remembered for being the most shocking and unexpected big player of the season. He was the first houseguest to win 3 competitions, and proved to be a serious competitor. He found his entry into the game through @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK, and eventually worked with players like @Lord o da rings and @Blakers, and helped to orchestrate the blindsides of @quakingpunch73 and @NinjaPenguin. However, during a Double Eviction at the Final 6, he was put in a position where he could do nothing to help himself, being blocked from playing in the POV by @mirdo, and was brutally backdoored.

    BB4: 6/16
    @GekkisaiDaiNi is a houseguest from BB4.

    In BB4, Gekki quickly got himself into a powerful position, managing to pocket players like @Nyan, @TheR3DX, and @Brave Vesperia. He remained on the winning side of the house for the first two weeks, but after an RNG'd nomination and @NinjaPenguin deciding to capitalize on it, Gekki was completely blindsided in a 9-1 vote, and was the third player evicted.

    BB4: 14/16

    Because strategy and execution are so important, I'm giving you guys 24 hours, or until Wednesday November 14, 2018 at 3PM EST to pre-game and strategize, form alliances with people. Learn from your pasts, improve on your games. Now that you've all been exposed to each other, you may want to try a different approach than you had planned. Reminder you can create these alliances making Discord servers (or Group DMs), or by using the PokéBeach PM system. The first HOH competition will go up once that time is up, and the game will officially begin.

    Disclaimer: If you were tagged and aren't actually in the game, you can ignore all of this. It's there for players to get the full story of who worked with who, who did what to who, etc.
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  3. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Now that sign-ups are closed, I'm excited to play again with you all, as I've had the honour of playing alongside all of you in the past (between BB2 and BB3) and being a part of the game you're playing (Hosting BB4) and I really enjoy this game.

    @Lord o da rings
    Can I request before the game starts for every competition to be Winterbells? Thanks. <3
  4. Threadmark: Week 1 - All-Stars Rise
    Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Week 1 ~ HOH

    Week 1 (Top 11):
    After the past day of forming alliances and reviewing the portfolios, I’m sure you’re all ready to actually kick off this game. Without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling!

    Time to announce the first little quirk about this 5th Anniversary season, the challenges this season are all familiar favorites from the past! Most of the challenges you all we be competing in over the course of this season have returned to celebrate how far the game's come! And your first one, this Week 1 HOH is...

    Hall of Knives! Anyone who competed last season surely remembers the Hall of Knives, that ended up grievously injuring quite a few of the House of Horror's victims. We've taken the actual stabbing out this time due to safety precautions, but the concept and the rules are the same (if you're not familiar with this, please click that link). The player to go through 10 doors with the least amount of “stab wounds” will be crowned this week's Head of Household!

    You have 48 hours, or until Friday November 16, 2018 at 3PM EST to select your combination of doors, and exit the Hall of Knives! If everyone submits before the deadline, the competition will end early.

    Masstag: @GekkisaiDaiNi, @TOTAL_EPICNESS, @VioletValkyrie, @Celever, @Nyora, @Fiery_Lugia, @NinjaPenguin, @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK, @Jadethepokemontrainer, @Little Cherrim, @Mariano11887.
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  5. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    Is middle an option?
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  6. Celever Wheeeee~


    I wonder if the challenge set around Christmastime will be Winterbells :thinking:
  7. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Week 1 ~ HOH Results, ???

    Everyone has submitted, and the competition has ended! Like last season, the results of this competition were completely up to chance. The houseguest with the fewest "stab wounds" is...

    1st: @Jadethepokemontrainer - stabbed 3 times.
    2nd: @NinjaPenguin, @VioletValkyrie, and @Mariano11887 - stabbed 4 times.
    Last: @Little Cherrim - stabbed 7 times.
    Went Right or Left 10 Times: @TOTAL_EPICNESS and @Celever

    Congratulations @Jadethepokemontrainer on making past Week 1! Normally, you’d have 24 hours to name your nominees, but we’re going to ignore that for the moment. I want you each to select a Prize Bag. Their use will come into play and be explained once you’ve all selected one of these bags:


    As the winner of the HOH, Jade will have first dibs. He will choose which number bag he wants, choose a bag number for another player, and he'll tag a third person (not the person he chose to give a bag to) to do the same thing next. This exact process will go on until everyone has bags. If you pick a bag that has been previously chosen, or tag a player who has already received a bag, either of those results will be RNG'd. If you have any questions, PM me on the forums or ask me through Discord.

    Once you've been tagged by a player going before you, you will have 24 hours from the timestamp of their post to pick a bag, pick someone else's bag, and tag another player.
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  8. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    There's the real game changer...
  9. Nyora A Cat


    Just checking, is there supposed to be two #3 bags?
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  10. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Nope, the bottom left bag was meant to be #2. Thanks for pointing out the error though, it's been fixed!
  11. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

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  12. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Thanks, Jade.
    I'll take number 11 for myself.

    I couldn't say this line during BB4, so I'll make it now. In Japanese culture, the number 4 is seen as unlucky because it's pronounced the same way as the word for death ("Shi"). Therefore, I'll give number 4 to my best friend @Mariano11887.
    I'll pass to @Nyora.
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  13. Nyora A Cat


  14. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Bag #4 has been chosen already! @Little Cherrim has randomly received Bag #8. It's @TOTAL_EPICNESS's turn still.
  15. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


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  16. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    I love you too, my friend... I'll find an opportunity to return you this kindness.
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  17. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    What a lovely relationship you two have here. You know, sometimes I wish I had friends that I could exchange death threats with.
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  18. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


  19. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


    I'll take #9 and pass to Nobody
  20. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Week 1 ~ ??? Revelation

    Alright, since everyone has a bag, it’s time to reveal how they will affect this game. It should be obvious by the name, these are Prize Bags. They hold various things that could help to make or break your game. They could hold advantages, disadvantages, most hold nothing at all. Every week, one lucky player will have the opportunity to open their bag. Keep in mind though, the contents of every opened bag will be revealed to the public, the entire house will know what you received.

    You all have 24 hours, or until November 17, 2018 at 1PM EST to decide if you’d like to have your prize bag opened. If multiple people attempt to open their bags, Random Number Generator will decide on one person to open their prize bag. The current HOH cannot choose to open their bag. Say you'd like to open it and that'll put you in the lot for it, say you wouldn't if you'd like to save it. You saying nothing equals "no", but if you tell me no the sooner this phase concludes.

    Masstag: @GekkisaiDaiNi, @TOTAL_EPICNESS, @VioletValkyrie, @Celever, @Nyora, @Fiery_Lugia, @NinjaPenguin, @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK, @Jadethepokemontrainer, @Little Cherrim, @Mariano11887.
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