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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Lord o da rings, Nov 11, 2018.

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  1. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings



    PokéBeach Big Brother - Game Changer ♕
    Hosted by @Lord o da rings

    Welcome back all to PokéBeach Big Brother - Game Changer (BB5, or BBAS)! Whether it's the central twists of a season or the returning players who've made history out of them, this is a season celebrating all the game-changing elements of PokéBeach Big Brother. Here are a few guidelines, terms to remember, and more you should read closely before signing up.

    Sign Up Details
    - What devices do you regularly access the site with? Computers, tablets, what do you use? This is to make sure all challenges are accessible to everyone.
    - Are you accessible via Discord? I need to know if I can communicate with you through Discord or PokéBeach’s PM system.
    - How often do you visit the site? Maybe once or twice a day, every couple of hours?
    - How likely are you to stay committed to the game? It helps to keep the game flowing steadily, and drop-outs and mod kills interfere with that.

    Warnings and Inactivity
    There will be little tolerance for inactivity in the game, even less than in the past. In order to keep the game flowing naturally and on track, a warning system is in place for anyone unable to complete a challenge or submit a vote.

    Warning #1: If you miss a challenge/vote, you will be given a slight warning, and you will not be able to participate in the next Power of Veto competition.
    Warning #2: If you miss a second challenge/vote, you will be given a more severe warning, and you will not be able to participate in the next Head of Household competition.
    Warning #3: If you miss your third challenge/vote, you will be mod killed by the host and immediately evicted from the game.

    If you are unable to submit due to a technical difficulty or life complications, let the host know before the submission deadline, and we will give you your "Technical Difficulties" Week, one full week of in-game time without being given a warning, giving you time off to focus on the problem. Take note, however, that long periods of inactivity can still lead to being mod killed.
    How Does Big Brother Work?

    Game Rules
    - The game has room for 11 people to sign up to play the game.
    - Alliances are of course permitted, and strongly encouraged. You may make as many alliances as you’d like to with other houseguests. This can be done through PokéBeach PMs, or through Discord servers. However, I must be added to the conversation.
    - The game cannot be discussed with any evicted houseguests. If you have a Discord alliance with any evicted houseguests, please refrain from conversing about the game with them, or make a separate chat for general conversation as well.
    - In this game, screenshots will be necessary for challenge submissions. When signing up, make sure your device is able to submit these screenshots for your scores in various competitions throughout the game. When you submit a score, you must show proof the screenshot is yours. This can be done by having your PokéBeach account in another tab, or your account name on a Notepad. Whatever works to prove the screenshot was taken by you.

    General Rules and Competitions
    - In this game, you will compete with other houseguests to win the game, and deem yourself the best of the best! This game will be divided into a number of in-game weeks. Each of these weeks contains a Head of Household (HOH) competition, Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto (POV) competition, and an Eviction. With one houseguest being evicted after each eviction, this cycle will repeat until there are only 2 houseguests remaining.
    - Every week will start with a Head of Household competition. Everyone may compete except the winner of this competition from the previous week. Everyone else will participate, and the decided winner of this competition becomes the Head of the Household for the week and will be unable to be eliminated during that week.
    - After this, the Head of Household chooses 2 players to nominate for eviction.
    - Once the Head of Household has named their nominees, the Power of Veto competition will begin. The HOH, the 2 nominees, and 3 randomized houseguests will participate in this. The winner of this competition may choose to either save one of HOH’s nominees with this power or decide not to use it (thus keeping nominees the same).
    - Finally, to end the week, once the nominees have been locked in, then the eviction phase begins. During this time, all players (except the HOH and the nominees) will be voting for whom they wish to be evicted from the house and lose their chances of victory. The nominees may also publicly plead their cases in this time, but whoever receives the most votes will be evicted, and out of the game.

    Extra Information and Terminology

    Weeks: This is a game term to encompass all the game’s key phases. Each week consists of a Head of Household competition, a Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto competition, and an Eviction. Each week, someone will be evicted from the house until just two houseguests remain.

    The Finalists: Once there are only two houseguests left in the game, the jury will decide on who should win the game. The selected houseguest wins the game and the notoriety that comes with the title!

    The Jury: Once a certain amount of houseguests have been evicted, houseguests evicted afterward will be put on the jury. This jury will decide who takes home victory at the end of the game. They may also ask each finalist one question to help decide whom they will vote for.

    Sign Ups:
    1. @Hermes - Winner - 6 votes
    2. @Fiery_Lugia - Runner-Up - 1 vote
    3. @NinjaPenguin - 8th Evicted, 3rd Place - Juror #7
    4. @TOTAL_EPICNESS - 7th Evicted, 4th Place - Juror #6
    5. @Little Cherrim - 6th Evicted, 5th Place - Juror #5
    6. @Jadethepokemontrainer - 5th Evicted, 6th Place - Juror #4
    7. @Mariano11887 - Quit, 7th Place - Juror #3
    8. @VioletValkyrie - 4th Evicted, 8th Place - Juror #2
    9. @GekkisaiDaiNi - 3rd Evicted, 9th Place - Juror #1
    10. @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK - Modkilled, 10th Place
    11. @Celever - 2nd Evicted, 11th Place
    12. @Nyora - 1st Evicted, 12th Place
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
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  2. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


    Q1: My MacBook
    Q2: I think you know. :p
    Q3: Once a day, but I'll step up activity a bit once the game starts.
    Q4: Very likely.
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  3. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    1: mobile and PC
    2: discord is good
    3: I visit a couple times a day
    4: commitment won’t be a problem
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  4. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Yes! Put me in!

    1. Mobile, PC.
    2. More active there than I am here.
    3. Every few hours, but my activity changes during a game of BB.
    4. Absolutely no problem, you know me.
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  5. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


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  6. Celever Wheeeee~


    Y'all wanted a game changer? He's here, reporting for duty.

    1. Honestly just my PC really, but I could start using my mobile. Heard there have been some issues with ad placement making the forums basically inaccessible from phone recently, though, so could be worth bearing in mind.
    2. Wait what's discord
    3. Honestly just after school, but that can be a good few hours at that time, and I have chronic insomnia so hey oftentimes it's even longer :D
    4. Yo I'm loyal, haven't dropped out of a game I think ever :U
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  7. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    Thanks for the invite, but I'll pass this time because I'm very afraid of Violet.
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  8. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Who says you can't work her? omg please come back you deserve a second chance ;)
  9. Nyora A Cat



    - School iPad, woohoo
    - Sometimes, at nighttime.
    - Often enough I’d say, about once every few hours.
    - I hope I can stay committed

    Made mistake of not signing up for house of horrors, not doing that again.
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  10. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~ (she/her)


    1. Phone, laptop, PC.
    2. No, I don’t have a discord account.
    3. At least two times a day.
    4. Very likely.
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  11. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    I say you can't work me. It'd be cool to have you back, Mariano.
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  12. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    Haha thanks, but it wouldn't be responsible from my part to sign up to a game I know I won't have the time to commit to.

    If you want, put me in as an emergency player, just in case the spots aren't filled by other players at the closing of sign-ups. But know that my commitment won't be the ideal ;)
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  13. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    I won’t be participating this time around, but good luck to everyone who is! I’ll be following the game for sure!
  14. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    In for sure!
    -I can access via computer or via phone
    -Always available via Discord.
    -I generally can access the site about an hour in the morning and about two in the afternoon.
    -I can definitely commit.
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  15. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    1. Phone mainly
    2. Yes, my Discord is Amoo376
    3. 2-5 times a day on weekends, 2-3 times a day weekdays
    4. I can commit
    I don't think you were the one of question my friend. We all know who the real game changer is.
    *opens arms in godlike gesture*
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  16. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    1: PC and mobile
    2: Discord works
    3: several times a day
    4: I can definitely commit
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  17. Anime Psyclone The Raven Child
    Anime Psyclone


    I'm joining this

    -My laptop
    -I visit less then I used to, but I will try to visit every day
    -If it's engaging and fun, I'll stay, and if it isn't I'll lose interest.
  18. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Alright, with you I want complete assurance can and will commit to the game. If you say you have a good chance of losing interest and dropping I don’t want to put you in the game, especially due to the small initial size. Yes or no?
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  19. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    Big Brother is very engaging and fun, but it’s also a game that you have to really want to win. If you aren’t big on strategizing, and devoting time to forum games in general, then it is not a game that I would recommend.
  20. Little Cherrim Political Obsessor
    Little Cherrim


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