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  1. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien



    FL, any counterarguments?

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    Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    ♕ PokéBeach Big Brother: Game Changer ~ Conclusion ♕

    Alright. The jury has cast their votes, and every vote is counted for. From the host's bird's eye view this game was... absolutely nuts. It started off slow, but quickly turned into a festival of blindsides, strange moves, shocking twists, and so on. It's been really fun to watch, and thank you all for another amazing season of PokéBeach Big Brother!

    FL, the Cinnamon Roll: FL, for the third time, did very little throughout his game. As he has in the past, he sat behind bigger players, and let them do all the work for him. After Violet was evicted, he was taken under NP's wing, where FL eventually turned Hermes, making the rather strange move of voting out Jade. Ultimately, FL coasted his way through the game and aligned with powerful players but did next to nothing himself. He was in a good spot socially, but will the lack of anything singling him out as a strong player lead to his downfall?

    Hermes, the Unbeatable: Hermes entered the game rather late, and with his immunity for the week he entered Hermes had it pretty easy. The timing of Nick's modkill guaranteed him a spot either in the finals or on the jury. The moment he lost his immunity, he was the biggest target of the season, but he managed to weave his way through to the end due to his insane competitive abilities. He may be the clear challenge beast of this rollercoaster of a season, but was his unremarkable social game and seemingly unfair entry enough to lose him the game?

    Alright, without further ado. @Fiery_Lugia, @Hermes, one of you just won this game. You want to see your name on these votes, these are votes for a winner. Alright, here we go! By a vote of 6-1...

    Hermes has won PokéBeach Big Brother: Game Changer with a clear majority vote! Congratulations, after many hours of working to win competitions and keeping everyone guessing socially, you've won this All-Star season! Here's how each juror voted.

    @GekkisaiDaiNi - Hermes
    @VioletValkyrie - Fiery_Lugia
    @Mariano11887 - Hermes
    @Jadethepokemontrainer - Hermes
    @Little Cherrim - Hermes
    @TOTAL_EPICNESS - Hermes
    @NinjaPenguin - Hermes

    This has been a great season of Big Brother, and I look forward to seeing everyone's thoughts on the game below! Thanks for playing!

    - Lorde ・゚✧*・゚✧
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  3. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~ (she/her)


    Does anyone have any plans for a BB6?
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  4. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Congrats to Hermes for his victory and being such a beast this season! You totally deserve it! :D
    There are in fact currently plans in the works for a BB6, which Blakers would host! It would be in a few months though, so everybody can get a break and recharge before playing again.
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  5. Hermes Dynamic


    Wow guys, thanks for the win! If I'm being honest I’m surprised, I definitely felt a weird vibe that was telling me I would lose. To all the jurors that voted for me, thank you! This wasn’t quite the redemption I had in mind, as I still want to play a game more based on social ties than competitive strength, but I’m definitely not complaining!

    Thank you @Lord o da rings for hosting an amazing game. Somehow you managed to get creative with the twists, yet bring PokéBeach Big Brother back to the real game, and I’m definitely impressed.

    And regardless of this win, I’m super excited for BB6, whenever that happens!
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  6. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Good game, everyone! I always enjoy making my thoughts on the game after it's over but you'll be getting that later since I'm out.

    Congrats to Hermes for the win and FL for coming in second! Having both of the finalists being members of the Anti was a treat and you guys did great. Congrats to the other members of the Anti because we mostly did alright, you know?

    Shoutout to Lorde of course for the wonderful hosting job, this game was definitely unlike any other I played and talking with you about its twists and turns was super fun. You did a great hosting job, girl, and I had a blast playing.

    Shoutout as well to the jury cause you're all cool people and I could actually celebrate this game having a good jury without any problems.

    With that I'll be back later for a little bit of a text wall, thanks for playing!
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  7. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


    Congratulations Hermes. You 100% deserve it, if not for an amazing social game for your comp ability unlike anything seen before in PBB.

    Great game everyone!
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  8. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    Congrats Hermes! you earned this win 100% for your hard work in comps and amazing ability to see through others and GG to everyone who participated you all played great!
    But like real quick tho Hermes what leet hax were you using? Cause I gotta get myself some of those
  9. Little Cherrim Political Obsessor
    Little Cherrim


    I'm still in a state of shock. GG to all, especially Hermes. You absolute god.
  10. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Alright. We've got a little bit to talk about, not too much.

    So sometime during BB4's run (maybe even earlier?) I was talking with Lorde about how seeing a game of BB with All-Stars would be a really fun idea, she came up with it and I eagerly supported it. Obviously this led to me answering the question of the existence of a BB5 with "Yes, but I won't be hosting", until Lorde revealed her plans for BB5 publicly at the end, since we had known about the idea for a long time. I also knew she was discussing the actual production of the game with Blakers, who resigned after BB4, allowing me to stay away and have a clean game in BB5, since I knew I wanted to play after being gone for so long. Nobody doubted this, but the surprise I had throughout the game and the theories I formed were all genuine, I knew absolutely nothing going in, just that Blakers would be involved somehow in production, and that Lorde said she'd have a wild ride prepared. Dear god, she did.

    Not long after, I contacted Hermes. Along with everyone, I was impressed with not only how well he played during BB4, but how prepared he was and how well he knew what he was doing. Knowing that he was being honest with his allies throughout the game led me to asking him for a pre-game alliance. This is significant not only because of being allied with one of the strongest players in the game, but built the foundation for how I'd build alliances for the rest of the game.

    I figured that if I could connect with Hermes, another strong competitive threat, it could make my game safer, and I began to count the rest of my threats once the roster filled up. Eventually, I figured the best road to take would to take my threats under my wing and push for them, allowing them to ride into the mid-game off of the heat I built, where I could then have a strong alliance of competitive threats to save me if I fell. With this idea in mind, I messaged several people 1-on-1 to see if they were willing to work with me before revealing my plan to all of them once they agreed.
    It just so happened that the notable players in that alliance were my past enemies. Celever teamed with NP in BB2 where I created a Resistance against him to eliminate him from the game, and Mariano and I go way back, we had fun in BB3. I felt taking in FL would be good as well, as I wasn't sure he'd have allies on the board in this game despite signing up, and if he didn't align with me, he'd be with someone else. Fittingly enough, this created the Anti-Alliance, an alliance built by past enemies and theoretically the strongest competitive alliance to rise in the game. And it really was. With my alliance sorted out, I felt I could continue the game and generate heat for it when necessary now that I had a safe alliance to fall back on should things go awry.

    Now here's where things get strange. LC contacted me with an alliance request I felt was suspicious, I asked for information and gave him the information I had. He stated I was good at both challenges and the social game, so I figured his alliance still saw me as a threat. This alliance didn't go too far until Week 2, where I learned LC had sold all of the information I gave him to Gekki, who approached me stating he had been considering who to nominate, and told me he planned to nominate me and wanted me to defend myself. After talking, he had proposed a deal. If I became his ally, nominated in his favour, and voted in his favour for three weeks, he wouldn't nominate me this week. I figured that was fine, got information for him, and started to hatch a plan to break out of blackmail. The rest went as you all know. I won the HoH, nominated LC and TE as I knew they were both allied with Gekki as Hermes convinced me, though I honestly never had any ill intent towards TE, the only reason I nominated him was both because of Hermes, and because I knew that he was allied with LC. I nominated LC due to selling my information to Gekki and leading to the blackmail in the first place. TE won the veto and played perfectly into my hands where I set up the backdoor with Gekki.

    Although it ultimately led to my downfall, Gekki's competitive strength and blackmail on me makes me believe it was my only strong play I could have made that week. My hands were tied more or less, though I contacted the Anti immediately to make them aware of the blackmail, who they were targeting, and how I planned to get myself out of it, because if I didn't, the Anti would be down some of its power and I may as well not have been playing. God, it felt weird to be done playing a BB game this early.

    Everything here was forwarded to the Anti-Alliance I created with no lies and no half-truths. Any lies I told were either to defend myself from being targeted unreasonably, or were told directly to my biggest threat in order to remove them from the game. Every single person in this game can confirm that fact.

    If you're still unsure, I stayed honest to my allies and would like to ask for future games...

    Please don't try and eliminate me just because I won Winterbells at the start of BB3.
    What's next for BB? Well, BB6 is coming up and I'm not sure if you'll see me there.
    ~ VioletValkyrie
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