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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Celever, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Professor_jplap dead rn


    When will the round be over? Also the thread still says "Sign - ups" ;).

  2. GamePhoenix Fellow Mortal


    @Celever When are you going to reveal the points? Is it postponed until after the holiday?
  3. GamePhoenix Fellow Mortal


    *taps foot impatintly*
  4. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    I think it might be best to just assume that this is dead. :p
  5. VioletValkyrie Ultimate Aikido Master


    Hey all, I'm sure Cel has just been busy with the holiday season, I know from talking to him that he's been doing things for the holidays recently, most likely with family or friends. The deadline was fairly long after the initial start of the game, so I'm sure it was at least made to plan around the holiday season. When I submitted to Cel, I apologized for being very close to the deadline and he told me it was okay, since he was focused on other things. I'm sure this is just a busy time for him, so be patient, as Parroting is a fairly slow-paced game as well.

    Just try to keep that in mind before sending stuff like this, kay?
  6. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Also you guys probably don't know this, but Cel has been quite ill recently, which is hindering his ability to work on Forum stuff like this in addition to what Vi has said about him being really busy. He's a meticulous guy and doesn't break from his commitments unless there are major extenuating circumstances in his life. He'll almost surely be back soon to report on the future of this game, and when he's recovered it will most likely continue.
  7. Celever Wheeeee~


    As NP and Vi said, the original deadline was missed because I was hella sick and literally couldn't get out of bed without throwing up (lmao) and then holiday season took over which kept me busy. In hindsight I should've made a post off my phone during the holiday season putting that in the thread; thank you for your patience.

    Orca/Dolphin - 3 - GamePhoenix, Jadethepokemontrainer, NinjaPenguin
    Unicorn - 1 - DragonFang101
    Flamingo - 1 - professor_jplap
    Koala - 1 - bbninjas
    Two-Headed Snake - 1 - Nyora
    Hummingbird - 1 - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    Platypus - 1 - Ice Espeon
    Raccoon - 1 - VioletValkyrie
    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - 3 - professor_jplap, bbninjas, Nyora
    Homozygous - 1 - GamePhoenix
    Short - 1 - DragonFang101
    pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis - 1 - Jadethepokemontrainer
    Colour - 1 - NinjaPenguin
    Consistence - 1 - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    Word - 1 - Ice Espeon
    Inconspicuous - 1 - VioletValkyrie
    Baby It's Cold Outside - 2 - DragonFang101, Jadethepokemontrainer
    Jingle Bells - 2 - bbninjas, NinjaPenguin
    Dominic the Donkey - 1 - GamePhoenix
    Santa Baby - 1 - professor_jplap
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town - 1 - Nyora
    None - 1 - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    Do They Know It's Christmas - 1 - Ice Espeon
    Wonderful Christmas Time - 1 - VioletValkyrie
    Carbon - 3 - professor_jplap, Jadethepokemontrainer, NinjaPenguin
    Hydrogen - 3 - Nyora, Ice Espeon, VioletValkyrie
    Oxygen - 2 - DragonFang101, bbninjas
    Helium - 1 - GamePhoenix
    Pokémon - 1 - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    Air - 6 - DragonFang101, professor_jplap, bbninjas, Nyora, NinjaPenguin, Ice Espeon
    Fire - 2 - GamePhoenix, Dusk Form Lycanroc
    Water - 2 - Jadethepokemontrainer, VioletValkyrie
    Dabbing - 5 - DragonFang101, Jadethepokemontrainer, Nyora, NinjaPenguin, VioletValkyrie
    Flossing - 4 - GamePhoenix, professor_jplap, bbninjas, Ice Espeon
    No Idea - - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 4 - GamePhoenix, professor_jplap, bbninjas, Nyora
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 4 - DragonFang101, Jadethepokemontrainer, Dusk Form Lycanroc, VioletValkyrie
    Super Mario Odyssey - 1 - NinjaPenguin
    Don't Know/Don't Have a Switch - 1 - Ice Espeon
    Staryu - 4 - bbninjas, NinjaPenguin, Ice Espeon, VioletValkyrie
    Blastoise - 1 - GamePhoenix
    Pikachu - 1 - DragonFang101
    Rotom - 1 - professor_jplap
    Lapras - 1 - Jadethepokemontrainer
    Magikarp - 1 - Nyora
    Slowbro - 1 - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    Lettuce - 3 - professor_jplap, Jadethepokemontrainer, NinjaPenguin
    Bread - 3 - GamePhoenix, Ice Espeon, VioletValkyrie
    Bagels - 1 - DragonFang101
    Milk - 1 - bbninjas
    Tortilla/Taco - 1 - Nyora
    Steak - 1 - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    5 - 2 - professor_jplap, bbninjas
    2 - 2 - Jadethepokemontrainer, NinjaPenguin
    7 - 1 - GamePhoenix
    24 - 1 - DragonFang101
    6 - 1 - Nyora
    0.1 - 1 - Dusk Form Lycanroc
    3 - 1 - Ice Espeon
    8 - 1 - VioletValkyrie
    1. Dolphin
    2. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    3. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    4. Oxygen
    5. N/A (but I would've chosen Earth and y'all upset me)
    6. N/A
    7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (again, y'all upset me)
    8. Psyduck
    9. Taco
    10. 8
    NinjaPenguin - 32
    Jadethepokemontrainer - 30
    bbninjas - 30
    professor_jplap - 28
    Nyora - 27
    VioletValkyrie - 26
    Dragonfang101 - 25
    Ice Espeon - 25
    GamePhoenix - 23
    Dusk Form Lycanroc - 14
    Bonus points for question suggestions will be given out when they're used.

    Next set of questions will be up tomorrow!

    @GM DracLord
    @Dusk Form Lycanroc

    (only tagging you 6 because tag limits and I can bug everyone else on discord / I know they check the forums daily. If you don't wanna be tagged lmk).
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  8. VioletValkyrie Ultimate Aikido Master


    Proof that I'm always right and everyone should listen to me.

    It's basically just the same thing said over and over again, it's not a good song. I wasn't expecting to be alone on this one.

    I actually expected Fire to be the popular one, but I chose Water just because of my personal opinion that Water is underappreciated and would just be better. That and I can beat anyone who says Fire.

    Wow, this was a lot different than I thought it'd be. I thought I'd get 8 points for just piggybacking and saying Smash Ultimate. I'm actually not sure what my favourite game for the system would be. Maybe Splatoon 2, though that's only just what I've spent the most time on.

    I just... I just find this amusing.

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  9. When you can't accept that you're not always right and you don't have all the right answers :D:D:D
  10. VioletValkyrie Ultimate Aikido Master


    Yeah that's... that's the joke.
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  11. I know, just restating it from a clearer perspective :D
  12. VioletValkyrie Ultimate Aikido Master


    A "clearer perspective" is knowing it's clearly a joke.
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  13. I don't think everyone had that perspective! Just sayin. Plus it's funny because I'm saying it like a meme.
  14. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Did Christmas throw up in your house too...? Dx Seriously though, so glad that you're feeling better.

    Hey! I didn't realise that Lucy was your alter ego!


    I guess that the song is so bad that no one else has heard of it? Probably a good sign haha
  15. VioletValkyrie Ultimate Aikido Master


    Hey Cel, can this count as bb agreeing with me? Maybe get him some extra points for picking a common answer.
    Points for bb.
    That'd be cool.
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  16. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


  17. Professor_jplap dead rn


    What's wrong with this song
    Flossing honestly disgusts me. Dabbing is cool tho.
    Ftr, I'm not saying LoZ BotW is my favourite game. I don't have one. (at least on the Switch)
    I'm not judging you or saying it's a bad game or anything like that when I say: Do you honestly think that's the best game on the Switch? I haven't played it so I wouldn't know, but do you really rank it above classics like Zelda and Smash?

    Good round, everyone! It was fun.
  18. Celever Wheeeee~


    I've bought all the triple A titles for Switch and beat all of them, and besides Splatoon2 (which I think is worse than Splatoon 1 but is still a great game) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the game I've put the most time into and the game which I think honestly has the best gameplay on the Switch so far again besides Splatoon2, but it's overshadowed by its predecessor. I have a lot of issues with Zelda and think it's the worst 3D Zelda game, and the same is true for Odyssey. Smash is awesome too but I felt it was too recent when the round was posted to be able to definitively say it's the best game on Switch, and even now I'd probably rather play Mario + Rabbids than Smash unless I have friends over. The exception is Octopath Traveller which I still need to buy and from what I've seen of the game could outrank it.

    So yes :U
    Retrospective points :thinking:
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  19. No u
  20. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


    Nay thou
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