Finished Parroting II

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Celever, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Nope thee

  2. VioletValkyrie Ultimate Aikido Master


    I'm so freaking good at this game.
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  3. Celever Wheeeee~


    Question 2

    OK I've decided for this round that I'm gonna use all of your bonus questions that I will go for during the rest of the competition. That means a bonus point for GamePhoenix for question 1, and Nyora for question 2. Congrats! The rest of the questions I felt would disadvantage people who are from countries besides N. America, or are too tied to PokéBeach as not everyone is as much an invested member in the community. Plus only like 5 of you actually submitted a question cos you're no fun so :/

    1. Name a celestial body
    2. How many parrots does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    3. I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple. Pen. Apple Pen.
    4. Sea bird, lawn bird, or air bird?
    5. Taco cat, bongo cat, or nyan cat?
    6. Best Wii U game?
    7. Name a TV show, besides Pokémon.
    8. Name an enemy from the Mario series of video games
    9. Best meat for a burger?
    10. Switch portable mode or dock mode?

    Also as a piece of friendly advice, answering "don't know" or any variation of it will almost always only score you one point. None of these questions have a "correct" answer (except for the supreme cat meme, lbr), you only have to guess what other people are gonna say. So be wrong together :p

    I'll do a tag tomorrow for people who haven't submitted in the first 24 hours, due to the tag limit. Hey, you should all watch the thread instead. It's like an automatic tag, but even better! O:
  4. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    To be fair, I thought I submitted a question but it actually never sent :/
  5. Celever Wheeeee~


  6. Professor_jplap dead rn


    Why did this game end so unexpectedly?
  7. Professor_jplap dead rn


  8. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    When in doubt, assume its dead. :p

    @Vracken might need to officially close the thread unless Cel posts an update soon. :<
  9. Professor_jplap dead rn


    That's a shame
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