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Standard Our Lord Zard (Post Team Up)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Lord Charizard, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    Thinking about a 1 off, forgot that rotated in actually, XD

  2. ForeverRanger91 Aspiring Trainer


    You run all basic energy and fire decks are notorious for burning through energies because they all seem to revolve around discarding energy so Brock's Grit is perfect for the deck.
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  3. Herms17 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I've been having some success with an Alolan Vulpix/Fairy Alolan Ninetales line in the Charizard deck to help set up (grab rare candy, ball search). I would personally drop to a 1-1 Flareon line.

    -2 Eevee
    -1 Flareon
    -1 Field Blower (can't get rid of prism stadiums; deck isn't afraid of shrine)
    -3 Fiery Flint (without heavy Flareon line little chance of accelerating; just use Charizard's ability to charge up)

    +2 Alolan Vulpix (Charizard/ Alolan Ninetales search)
    +2 Fairy Alolan Ninetales
    +1 Brock's Grit (as other said, great for recycling energy/pokemon when needed)
    +2 Fire Energy

    Overall, I like the deck. It's pretty fun and can be competitive (Tier 3, maybe Tier 2). The added consistency of the Ninetales line really helps smooth out games so it isn't completely hit or miss.
  4. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    Not too keen on the expense needed for Ninetales, especially with it being a walking target, The search is nice, I would run Volkner but he’s a Supporter.
  5. Fafnirchaos Aspiring Trainer


    So I gave your deck idea some serious thought and came up with a list.


    3 Eevee's
    2 Flareon's
    1 Ditto - This can be changed
    1 Alolan Ninetales - This can be changed
    3 Charmanders
    1 Charmelon
    3 Charizards
    1 Victini
    1 Tapu lele - This is good cause you can charge him up with Flareon

    1 Energy Recycler
    3 Fiery Flints
    4 Rare candies
    3 Ultra balls
    2 Altar of the Sunne
    1 Heat factory
    1 Rescue Stretcher

    1 Brocks Grit
    2 Ladys
    3 Guzmas
    3 Plumerias
    3 Sightseers
    (2 Bills Analysis if you don't want the Ninetales)

    17 Energies

    You can always change this to suit yourself, you won't be hitting that 300 number unless everything on the field is wiped(expect your Victini)

    Tapu lele can play and get support cards if you need them, using lady can help get energies out of your deck for thinning, which can help with ultraballs and using plumeria to help stall out your opponent(this is important if you have energies in your hand and need to get more in the discard for your big bang attack, while at the same time preventing your opponent from attacking or wiping your victini)

    The ladies can be removed if your having good luck with fiery flints(I haven't tested this) Alolan nintales can be used like others have said, but if your thinning your deck of energies fast then there can be a good chance that you'll be able to get those rare candies in your first 7 pulls with Bill. You can always swap out ladies for a support that gets you ultra balls(I forget his name now)

    I would only use tapu lele if you have nothing else currently. She/He is a two prizer.

    Brocks grit I would only use as an emergency(not having your victini would be one), and energy recycler can help get energies back from the discard.

    This is just an idea, and you can test that if you want(I don't have the cards so I can't) It's extreme beta so fine tuning will be needed.

    Good luck
  6. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    Got 3rd at CDC Games with Phat Ratz, and got almost everything together to start testing this deck (Charizard) before Denver regionals, pretty excited!
  7. Fafnirchaos Aspiring Trainer


    Congrats on the tournament, I got the charizard deck from the theme shop online. After play testing it and finding out the max extant of charizards abilities and attack, you may need to invest in some Escape ropes(4) when Running Charizard/Flareon, and a Magcargo line will be extremely important too.

    With 2 charizards on your bench you can have one low volume attacker for anything with 180 HP or less, and another high volume for anything 180 HP or more. When you escape rope with flareon in the active, whatever your opponent chooses will be the deciding factor in choosing which charizard you throw out for the kill. If your big charizard dies then you can switch it so that Flareon is your low HP attacker and your other charizard is your high HP attacker.

    That being said Flareon is going to have a marriage within the attacking so having 2 on the bench will be important. I would also only hand feed flareons energy while using abilities/attacks for charging up your charizards.

    Also don't attack anything that your Flareon attacks(unless it gets healed) Let Flareon deal with Flareons problems. That way if your chipping away on a high HP attacker and it doesn't get healed Flareon can take care of it.

    The Magcargo line can guarantee Escape ropes which You will need, as it is going to be the most powerful card in your deck.

    Anyways like i said, good luck
  8. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    After reading through everyone’s posts snd doing some theory-oh, this is the list I’ve decided on:

    Our Lord Zard:


    4 Charmander
    2 Charmeleon
    4 Charizard
    1 Vulpix
    1 Alolan Ninetales-GX
    1 Slugma
    1 Magcargo
    1 Victini Prism Star
    1 Ditto Prism Star
    1 Oranguru


    4 Rare Candy
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Choice Band
    2 Energy Recycle System
    2 Nest Ball
    2 Rescue Stretcher
    1 Field Blower


    4 Cynthia
    2 Guzma
    2 Lillie
    1 Brock’s Grit


    2 Shrine of Punishment
    1 Heat Factory Prism Star


    14 Fire Energy
  9. Fafnirchaos Aspiring Trainer


    Cool, so you don't care if I use your old deck list then?
  10. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    Nah man, go for it, :)
  11. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    Now to get it all together and sorted, built and start going to tournaments, gotta get practice in before Denver.
  12. Fafnirchaos Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks man, Good luck in Denver.
  13. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    Well, first round of testing down. I want to add in 2 Max Potion, but can’t decide what to remove, Slugma and an energy maybe?

    Any suggestions? Goin to CDC tomorrow for testing round 2.
  14. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Do it if you feel like Zoro and Spread are big.
  15. Lord Charizard Aspiring Trainer
    Lord Charizard


    After more testing, what I really need is a starter attacker that isn’t a 2-prizer, but only decent thing I can find is Moltres from Lost Thunder...
  16. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Would Oricorio (GRI) suit your needs?

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