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Meloetta EX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Elbow, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    • 4 Meloetta EX
    • 4 Tympole (LT)
    • 2 Palpitoad (LT)
    • 4 Seismitoad (LT)
    • 1 Mewtwo EX

    • 3 Silver Bangle
    • 2 Silver Mirror
    • 3 Tool Scrapper
    • 2/3 Super Rod
    • 3 Rare Candy
    • 1/2 Energy search
    • 3 Ultra Ball
    • 3 Level Ball
    • 4 N
    • 4 Juniper
    • 3 Skyla
    • 3 Colress
    • 1 Dowsing Machine/Comp Search

    • 4 DCE
    • 8 Psychic Energy

    Set up a Seismatoad by T2 (not sure if it is better to go first or second with this deck), and bench 3/4 Meloetta EX's

    Mr. Mime and Jirachi EX/Mewtwo EX
    Why are these guy's in here? Well, Mr. Mime helps against Darkrai EX, Landorus EX, and Kyurem. And Mewtwo helps against Deoxys EX, Genesect EX, and Keldeo EX/blastoise. Jirachi EX is a tech I like to use in my Level ball decks, but I'm just testing it as another supporter type of card.

    Opinions...and can you see any room for skyarrow bridge/float stone?

  2. OblivionDvdr Aspiring Trainer


    If you want to attack with round, don't use Meloetta EX, instead, use Exploud. Once you get the exploud out, it's easy to bench more Meloetta, and be able to round for 200 damage.
  3. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    But you cant easily T2 a exploud though.
  4. OblivionDvdr Aspiring Trainer


    If you ran Victini Ex and DCE you could feasibly get a T2 or 3 exploud.
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  5. Kecleon-X 124c41+


    Or you could run this instead:


    But I think that Meloletta is hard because of the low HP, and perhaps should be used more like Deoxys EX or Aerodactyl in the respect that she is a damage increaser.
  6. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

    Advanced Member Member

    Wigglytuff or, more likely, Seismitoad here, are the only attackers with Round you should even consider using. Seismitoad is preferred due to his higher HP of 140. Exploud is nice, but the cost is too high.

    The best pairs for Gardevoir's Psychic Mirage are either Mewtwo-EX or her cousin Gallade PLS...not Meloetta EX.

    After the Catcher nerf, you could make Round.dek as a fun rogue due to the Catcher nerf, since all your Melos are sitting on the bench.
  7. Kecleon-X 124c41+


    ^True, Seismetoad does have HP, but he is a Stage 2, so that kind of bites. But I think that he would be a better Pokemon to run over Gardevoir, and you could replace four of the Psychic Energy with DCE to pay for his attack quickly. Then, you could be hitting for the same amount of damage, if not more, but with Meloetta as more of "Backup Singers" if you will. But then again, perhaps you could run Exp. Share, attaching to your Benched Meloletta, making her ready to take the Seismetoad's place as lead singer. Then, perhaps you could run perhaps Bangle in the place of Mirror, as well, making it possible to only need four Meloletta on the bench and one Seismetoad active with a Bangle to one shot critics EXs.

    Just some ideas!

    ... Why did I make those singing jokes... Now I can't stop... :p
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  8. Ivy_Profen Aspiring Trainer


    I would just suggest Meloetta/Jigglypuff. They deal similar damage. I would instead use meloetta as bench and toss out the jigglypuffs to attack. 1 DCe is alot easier to do than 3 psychic. And it only gives 1 prize. I feel like the easiest and fastest way to run this deck is to go 4-4 Wigglytuff, 4 Meloetta, and maybe call for family or something. Also if you use Wiggly to attack, bangles can be added as well as mirrors if plasma is still huge.

    With bangle Wiggly will hit for up to 150 for a full bench of rounders. Meloetta will hit for 180 i without bangle for 3 energy. But thats assuming you have 6 rounders on the field.
  9. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

    Advanced Member Member

    The only things Wigglytuff really has over Seismitoad is that it's searchable with Level Ball and you don't require Rare Candy to get out a Wigglytuff.

    However, Palpitoad NVI is also searchable with Level Ball and possesses Round - although it is inferior to Wigglytuff as an attacker (80 HP and CCC to Round, instead of 90 HP and CC to Round), it can be used in the interim to set up more Seismitoad if you don't have any Rare Candy handy. A 4-2-3 or 4-2-4 line of Seismitoad would be ideal, and the best part is you aren't required to have a full field of Rounders to crank out that top damage - Seismitoad can hit the magical 180 with a Bangle and only 5 Rounders - and, as a bonus, can even OHKO Landorus with either 3 or 2+Bangle. Wigglytuff cannot brag about that - it can't even OHKO any EX.

    Wigglytuff is faster, but Seismitoad is sturdier. That doesn't mean you can't have some Wigglytuff (say, 2-2) to get yourself up and running with your multiple Benched Meloetta, but you shouldn't rely exclusively on Wigglytuff to attack. For mid- to late-game presence and for some real muscle, Seismitoad is your go-to Rounder.
  10. Kecleon-X 124c41+


    ^ I agree, and the presence of Gardy in the deck makes a perfect swap for him. I actually forgot about the Palpitoad, too!
  11. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    Finally had time to sit down and edit the deck...new opinions? Gardevoir was very slow online and was just catcher fodder (and will still be annoying when everybody starts switching to escape rope). I hope that after the next edit or even this one someone could test it out for me in their free time (I barely have any these days).
  12. seeknayr Aspiring Trainer


    Love this deck man! Are you still working with it? Have you tested out Wigglytuff at all? If so, are you still playing toads over her?
  13. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    It is now a legitimate deck played by some people and was even highlighed on The Top Cut's video:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIZDnwV55O0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUs7J5ya8VIVAfiQ4QPZAiFQ .

    It works a lot better with seismatoad then wigglytuff because Palpitoad and Siesmitoad both have round, so it is easier to get, 4, 5, or even 6 rounders at one time! And he also has more HP then Wigglytuff. I only play this deck online and not competitively due to the fact that it is somewhat hard to set up well...and that it gets wrecked by Vir-Gen. And I also switched the psychics to waters, they aren't as useful to try to attack with Meloetta EX.
  14. seeknayr Aspiring Trainer


    Those videos are my inspiration to this deck :) And I agree, Meloetta can't attack, it just needs to hug the bench because its a basic rounder. And it needs to be protected with Mr. Mime because its EX. I've also been considering the new Spiritomb for the deck. It prevents G-Booster and Sableye-Ace Spec shenanigans. Plus it can cycle your hand if needed.
  15. SoxDuck Psyduck Enthusiast


    Why do you have prisms?
  16. Mora Don't Panic

    Forum Mod Member

    They honestly shouldn't be in there. I'd just go with Basic Water Energies.
  17. TheElite711 Electric Maniac


    I got a Round deck that does quite well for itself. I run a 4-3-4 Seismitoad line (plan to bump the Palpitoads to 4 when I get another one) with Silver Bangles for the big damage. My biggest problem I had was against Fluffychomp, the Bangles do essentially nothing and it can knock off precious DCEs with Mach Cut. Its difficult to keep up with it sometimes, but if you can get those Gibles you will be fine.
  18. Elbow Klinklang V Plz


    Bump-reformatted the deck a little

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