Contest July 2019 CaC: React Energy! (All Results Up!)

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by Jabberwock, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Mysticvulpix Just be chill


    Alright, here’s my entry!:
    Electrode – Electric – HP 90
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Pokémon

    Ability: Nuclear fusion
    Once during your turn, if you have React Energy in your hand, you may attach it to this Pokémon. If you do, this pokemon’s Attacks do 100 more damage. At the end of this turn, this Pokémon is knocked out.

    [L][C][C] Giga Discharge 90
    If this Pokémon has any React Energy attached to it, this attack does 20 damage to each of your Opponent’s benched Pokémon. You may move all energy from this Pokémon to 1 of your benched Pokémon.

    Weakness: Ground (x2)
    Resistance: Metal (-20)
    Retreat: [C]
    Electrode eats electricity in the atmosphere. On days when lightning strikes, you can see this Pokémon exploding all over the place from eating too much electricity.

    Electrode - XY - Roaring Skies

    Notes: after thing about react energy, i thought about nuclear reactions and such. Hence, electrode! I feel this Pokémon might fit well with such a card, due to how it reacts with other characters and objects in the Pokémon world

  2. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid

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    As per the rules in the OP, no, it doesn't have to be the set symbol. Keep in mind, though, that it can't just be tacked on anywhere -- if the placement of it seems arbitrary, you could lose Believability points for it.
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  3. Mysticvulpix Just be chill


    I really want this now as an actual card. Multi-type GX’s anyone?
  4. PMJ happy thoughts

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    In for image.


    After hearing about the theme for this month, I thought I'd dust off Photoshop and throw my hat in the ring. I'm no artist, but fortunately, some folks in the PTCG Faking Community discord are, and I was able to get some cool art for the objectively best Ultra Beast, my boy Nihilego.

    The Ability is anti-React Energy and lets you steal extra Prizes. Contaminate is very strong in the early game. With six Prizes left, a Pokemon will eat 190 damage going into your turn, allowing you to secure a 2HKO on Tag Teams. The powerful Poison damage also prevents you from stealing extra Prizes, since the kill must be obtained with direct damage from Contaminate. Madness Descent GX lets you swing really hard, once per game, on the target of your choosing, to possibly score an extra Prize or two.

    Outside of React Energy shenanigans, this is a strong attacker that forces decks to respect being Poisoned. As a fan of Special Conditions in general, it's frustrating that they have been reduced to a silly gimmick as opposed to a relevant threat.

    I dunno if I'll compete in future months, but I had fun. r8/h8
  5. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Well I've already screwed up, but whatever. It's been a while. Guess I'll have to compete for sure next month.
  6. chico Aspiring Trainer


    Another question! Can I get away with slapping a foil into an old tcg artwork or that isn't transformative enough?
  7. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid

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    One of the main reasons we don't allow old TCG artworks is because of copyrights, which TPCi has been pretty strict about in the past. Ken Sugimori stock art is fine for use, but TCG artwork isn't. Pokémon's rules, not ours. ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯
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  8. chico Aspiring Trainer


    I see... but then again I've seen a kawayoo Silvally in this very contest. That's why I'm a bit confused.
  9. CardPone Electric Boogaloo!


    kawayoo hasn't illustrated a Silvally for any cards as far as I can tell. My entry uses promotional artwork from the Shiny Silvally event. From what I've been told, any official art is fine to use on a fake card as long as it hasn't already been featured on a card in the official TCG. The only exception is Sugimori artwork.
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  10. chico Aspiring Trainer


    Oooh, gotcha gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up! I understand now.
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  11. The Ωmega One Aspiring Trainer
    The Ωmega One


    The CAC emblem just has to be on your card, it doesn't have to be the set logo a lot of people just use it as the set logo because it's easy to
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  12. The Ωmega One Aspiring Trainer
    The Ωmega One


    Lugia (Call of Legends CL SL7) – Shadow Force (choose 1….)
    Porygon-Z (Triumphant TM 7) – Galvanized Reaction (referring to specific special energy)
    Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND (Triumphant TM 100) – Galvanized Reaction (putting knocked out into lost zone)
    Darkness Energy (Call of Legends CL 86) – Galvanized Reaction (If X, then attack does more damage)
    Ambipom (Triumphant TM 13) – Galvanized Reaction (If you can’t do X then attack does nothing)
    Thank you again to the faking community for helping with wording.
    Thank you to @Brave Vesperia for suggesting an edit to the artwork.
    Thank you to @aschefield101 for the LEGEND blanks.
    Thank you to TPCI for the shot of the Distortion World seen through Giratina's shadow force portal.
    And lastly, thank you to the MMD community for letting me use and edit the various models used in this art piece

    I’d like to thank everyone in the faking discord for helping me with this card both wording and suggestions artistically. Much like a lot of my submissions this card was an opportunity for me to really push my artistic abilities. Originally, I had a very simple Vileplume LVX that was going to use my FA LVX blanks (See the Incinaroar LVX in my faking thread) but then while messing around I made the Arceus plates for the program I use to play with models each of them with a piece of Sinnoh folk lore. After making those and updating the Arceus model to look more realistic I really wanted to do something with Arceus. I figured Giratina was the best to pair it with for a LEGEND card as Giratina was the only of the trio in lore to really fight Arceus. I chose to make Arceus Steel type as back in the golden days of gen4 Steel resisted both Dragon and Ghost which is perfect for fighting Giratina.
  13. chico Aspiring Trainer


    This is shaping up to be a LEGENDARY contest, eh? ;)
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  14. chico Aspiring Trainer



    Team Rocket Kidd's Pokémon
    Weavile – Darkness – HP90
    Stage 1 | Evolves from Sneasel

    Think your next move carefully! Weavile claws are sharp as icicles and can cause hypothermia upon contact.

    Ability: Vile Brotherhood
    Once during your turn (before your attack), you may search your deck for a Sneasel, or Weavile for each React Energy attached to this Pokémon, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

    [D][C] Greedy Claw 60
    If your opponent has more cards in your hand than you, draw a card for each Sneasel and Weavile you have in play.

    Weakness: Mineral (x2)
    Resistance: Wind (x2)
    Switch Cost: [C]

    • This card builds upon the EX era and the BW era (from which takes most of the visual and text syntax).
    • The template resembles an R because of the React Energy mechanic and Team Rainbow Rocket. The set is called Rocket Reaction and the setting is an alternate universe in which TRR conquers the world.
    • As its a custom template. Everything is placed as it should.
    • I decided to drop the dex info because it's superfluous. If I want to know that I'll visit pokemondb or some other site as I'm not gonna remember the numbers hah I'm much more fond of the (droppable) flavour text.
    • Originally I was going to make a "joke" card featuring 2 dopey-looking Weaviles in the style of Tomokazu Komiya as it was supposed to be a reference to the whole FineBros' React World fiasco on YouTube. But the style wouldn't have fit the latest version of the template.

    • Lightning Effects via Google ("lightning"), and from and
    • Sneasel and Kidd Summer graphics from Ken Sugimori and TPCi, respectively.
    • The holo foil and the Create-a-Card symbol of this contest was made by Nekoban Ryo (KKN).
    • The rest I made myself, save the fonts, by using various references.

    Hoo, boi. I've spent 2 weeks working solely on the template so I had to end up using art from Pokkén. Otherwise I'd have illustrated the card myself, too. There's 2 versions of this card, but I don't think the other one will see the light of day even though it's as good as this one XD Nah, I'll include it in my master list... eventually.

    To make the template I had to study all the other templates of the TCG and make a LOT of drafts (more than 10, I lost count). Luckily this time, I've recorded most of the template creation process so I can always come back to it to speed up the creation of new templates.

    This is not the first time I make a template from scratch. In fact, the energy symbols are slightly modified versions of a previous set I made. Too bad I didn't record how I made them the first time... you live and learn!

    Thank you for hosting this contest! It really helped me push myself and learn a few things. Good luck to the rest of the participants! I see the competition is tough |D
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  15. The Ωmega One Aspiring Trainer
    The Ωmega One


    Image this month is going to be some tough competition
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  16. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    This castform looks like a digimon o_O

    I definitely had not planned on entering this month’s competition, but I had found a wonderful 3D render of Castform which I wanted to turn into an -ex. All was well until I started to write the Poke-Body and realised that their being multiple Castform in play would create a major paradox. Making the card a Pokemon Star seemed to be the perfect solution, but there was one problem -- 3D art on Pokemon Star just don’t work. So after all of that, the 3D render is still sitting in my folder collecting dust. :(

    Wording the PokeBody was another nightmare since there’s no effect quite like it. Crystal Energy AP was the closest reference, but the card dates to the E-card days and so the wording is pretty horrendous. I’m so glad I found the “combination of Energy” concept on Scramble Energy - that was a lifesaver. Note: The wording “combination of basic Energy cards” was chosen over “combination of basic Energy” so that React Energy would copy Energy before applying effects such as Sceptile’s Wild Growth. The “Has no effect other than…” clause has been put in parentheses as the alternative is unreadable.

    Carbon Splash: Xatu SW44
    Molecular Reaction:
    -- Basic structure: Gorebyss LM17
    -- “[provides] the same [type] as [other thing]”: Registeel ex
    -- “combinations of Energy”: Scramble Energy
    -- Do Energy cards provide “Energy” or “types of Energy”?: Rainbow Energy, Kecleon SW52, Kecleon SS18
    -- “Energy types”, last clause: Holon Research Tower
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  17. CardPone Electric Boogaloo!


    Whoa! That's a really cool and creative PokéBody!
  18. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid

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    Two-and-a-half-ish days left to submit your entries! Get 'em in! :D
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  19. Vom back to the usual she-ra pfps

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    [Stage 1] Escavalier-GX HP220 [G]
    Evolves from Karrablast

    Ability: Bound Hearts
    Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokémon is in your hand when you attach a React Energy from your hand to 1 of your Shelmet or Karrablast, you may reveal it. If you do, put this Pokémon from your hand onto that Pokémon to evolve it and search your deck for a [G] Energy card and attach it to this Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck. If you don't have Shelmet and Karrablast in play, you can't use this Ability.

    [G][G][C] Heavy Cavalry 50+
    This attack does 20 more damage for each [C] in each of your Benched Pokémon's Retreat Cost. You can't add more than 200 damage in this way. If all of your Benched Pokémon are any combination of Shelmet and Karrablast, you can add as much damage as you like.

    [G][C] United We Stand GX 100
    For the rest of this game, as long as you have fewer Pokémon in play than your opponent, your Shelmet, Accelgor, Accelgor-GX, Karrablast, Escavalier and Escavalier-GX get +50 HP and have no Weakness, but their Retreat Cost is [C] more. (You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

    Weakness: [R]x2
    Resistance: -
    Retreat: [C][C][C]
    GX Rule: When your Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
    Trumbeak LOT - Activate Ability from hand
    Fliptini - can't vs You can't if
    Sharpedo SM - Bonus damage on Retreat Cost
    Omastar Team Up - Permanent passive conditional effect (as long as...)
    Buff Padding - Wording for bonus hp
    So, being a huge fan of the weird interaction between Shelmet and Karrablast in-game (for those who don't know, Shelmet and Karrablast can only evolve when they're traded for each other) this month was a golden opportunity to try to capture that in a more meaningful way than it has been done until now. Or really just in a way, since the TCG has yet to introduce some special mechanic surrounding those two.

    I really wanted React Energy to act as the catalyzer for this whole thing – as to represent the 'reaction' that happens when the two are together, hence the needing both in play clause. I chose to allow them to break the traditional evo line because, as you saw from the rest of the card, it relies pretty heavily on having a Bench full of Shelmet and Karrablast to achieve maximum efficiency, and running two very thick lines can get clunky. Not to mention, this guy really wants Shelmet on the Bench, since historically Shelmet cards have always (or mostly, I'm not 100% sure) had a Retreat cost of 3. A tiny bit of Energy acceleration so it isn't just left in the dust by the fast decks, but not quite enough that you can go crazy and hit for 200+ damage turn 1. Wording struggles aside, I'm really happy with how it turned out and I think it accomplishes exactly what I wanted to do with the card.

    The attack is very simple and straightforward, but it requires quite a bit of Bench damage when in conjunction with the GX attack. You can hit for 170 with 2 Shelmet on the Bench (which should be easy enough) and you can get to pretty high numbers if you choose to not limit your Bench and go all-out glass cannon. However, not using the GX attack–or filling your Bench–leaves you very vulnerable to being OHKOed yourself since it's not a very tanky Pokémon. The damage cap is mostly there so you can't just slap 4 Retreat cost Pokémon and call it a day.

    The GX attack makes all your bugs beefier as long as you're outnumbered, giving a nice dynamic where both you and your opponent have important choices to make. The added Retreat Cost is there as a 'drawback', but it also makes the Bench restriction meaningful as having one less Bench space isn't that big a deal for most decks.
  20. chico Aspiring Trainer


    Well, hello there ;)

    I absolutely love this card and I want to use it on Lackey!! Also, I wonder how Accelgor GX is gonna be like...
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