Contest July 2019 CaC: React Energy! (All Results Up!)


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Welcome to the July 2019 round of the Create-A-Card!

This month’s theme is React Energy. React Energy (from the 2006 expansion Legend Maker) was a fairly boring card on its own. What made it interesting were all the different Pokémon with effects having to do with React Energy! Except, this mechanic never really took off back when React Energy was legal. So, without further ado …

For this round, we want to see an exciting card that in some way “reacts” with React Energy. That is, it has some special buff or other effect that activates with React Energy. (Feel free to get an idea of what we’re talking about from the cards in the link above.) This doesn’t have to be while it’s attached; it can be when you attach it or even while React Energy is in your hand, discard pile, or deck. The choice is yours! Only one thing is for sure -- it has to be creative.

An image of React Energy is below for your convenience, though you can also access it at the above link.


You’re not restricted to any particular Pokémon or any particular era for this theme. Choose whatever Pokémon and era you like and make a stunning card!

This contest has two sections, text-based and image-based fakes. For text-based fakes, all you have to do is create a card in text form and post it in here! For the image-based fake, you’ll need the help of some software to let your creations come to life. But one thing remains important between both of them: your cards must be completely original!


  • To sign up you must reply to the thread below. Make sure to include whether you’re in for text or image-based fakes!
  • You may register with a partner and work together on the same card. This way each member can use their different talents and combine their skills, especially if one of you is an artist and the other is a TCG player. (Feel free to post in the thread that you’re looking for a partner if you want one.)
  • We have a total of 20 spaces available for text-based entries and 20 for image-based. If you’ve never done an image-based card before, now is a great time to learn! PokéBeach has many card blanks and guides available for use.


  1. Creativity/Originality
    We’re all tired of effectless attacks! Without images, part of the intrigue with text-based fakes is the creativity of Pokémon Power / Body / Ability / attack effects. Let’s see something cool and new!
    Total: 20 points
  2. Wording
    Proper wording is key in designing any fake card. Try to ensure wording is correct for the era of card you choose as card wording has changed many times over the years. Naturally, grammar and spelling are also taken into consideration.

    Text-based fakers may format their entries any way they choose, but for those who are new or would like a guideline to follow, this is a simple formatting guideline you can follow:

    Pokémon – Type – HP50
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Pokémon

    Ability: Name
    Ability Effect

    [R][C] Attack 20
    Attack Effect

    Weakness: Fire (x2)
    Resistance: Psychic (-20)
    Retreat: [C] [C] [C]
    Pokédex Information

    Total: 15 points
  3. Believability/Playability
    Text-based fakes rely heavily on their believability. Think of your entries as if they were real cards. Try to avoid those 400 HP monsters which do 200 damage for [R]! Proper type (unless Delta-species), Pokédex information, and ballpark HP will be taken into consideration. We will assume that your card is being created for the current TCG era unless otherwise stated, so if you are making a card for a previous era, you must mention this in your entry post.
    Total: 15 points
Max Points: 50

  1. Creativity/Originality
    This should be a given. With the proper photo editing tools, let your imagination run wild! This can involve innovating new gameplay mechanics, blanks, templates, etc.
    Total: 15 points
  2. Wording
    Proper wording is key in designing any fake card. Try to ensure wording is correct for the era of blank you choose as card wording has changed many times over the years. Naturally, grammar and spelling are also taken into consideration.
    Total: 15 points
  3. Fonts and Placement
    Correct fonts are imperative when creating realistic fakes. Placement of text / symbols / etc. is also taken into consideration.
    Total: 10 points
  4. Believability/Playability
    Because this division of the contest is so image-heavy, the believability and playability takes a backseat here. However, it’s still worth a portion of the total points, so try to keep it in the realm of believable! Proper type (unless Delta-species), Pokédex information, and ballpark HP will be taken into consideration.
    Total: 5 points
  5. Aesthetics
    Aesthetics is all about how your card looks as a complete whole. Aspects of this category include using creative and appropriate artwork, using neat or custom blanks, and overall having an appealing card creation. Additionally, You may not use existing artwork from the TCG for your cards. If you’d like to use Ken Sugimori stock artwork, you may do so, but it must be transformative in nature.
    Total: 5 points
Max Points: 50

So that’s the point breakdown for this quarter’s Create-A-Card. @Jabberwock will be judging image-based, and @VioletValkyrie will be judging text-based.

We’re always looking for new judges. Keen to join the team? You can learn how to apply here.

General Rules

  • For those entering image-based, you must include the symbol here on your card (such as the set symbol) or else your entry won’t be accepted. It was designed by the lovely Nekoban Ryo who continuously creates resources for the faking world and faker himself. In addition, we do not allow any image-based entries that have been made using automatic, online card generators.
  • If you edit your post you’ll have an instant deduction of 2 points from your overall score, and posting your entry again on a different post also deducts 2 points. When you submit, make sure you’re done! If you mess up the tags or have a similar coding disaster, contact myself or the month’s judges as to get it fixed. If you forget to credit someone, do so in a new post instead of editing.
  • Participants who fail to submit a card by the deadline, if the particular portion is full, will automatically lose 2 points for next round (similar to losing 2 points for the current round for editing). If the portion you have signed-up for is full and if you wish to drop out, you must do so with three days remaining before the deadline to not incur the penalty. Continuing to fail to post a submission in future rounds will result in a possible ban from the contest for a couple of months. Please keep a close eye on the deadline.
  • All CAC entries should not be posted elsewhere in the PokéBeach forums while the current month’s contest is ongoing. If you have a personal thread or gallery where you post your fake card creations, you must wait to post your CAC card there until the contest is complete and full judging results have been posted. This is to ensure that CAC judges can continue to give proper feedback both within the contest and in the forums.
  • Artists (illustrators) are free to post in this thread, letting participants know that they are available.
  • All entries should meet the forum rules. You should always credit the artist, and never use someone else’s art without their permission, else it is considered art theft.

Deadline: July 31st (Wed.) 12:00pm EST
Here’s a deadline countdown for convenience: [link]​

Anticipated Entrants

  1. @steffenka
  2. @The Ωmega One
  3. @CardPone
  4. @Dasadles
  5. @chico
  6. @Nyan
  7. @PMJ
  8. @bbninjas
  9. This could be you!

  1. @DashKing
  2. @Vom
  3. @Nyora
  4. @FourteenAlmonds
  5. @Mysticvulpix
  6. @TheFlyingPidove
  7. @Gabs Kazumi
  8. This could be you!

Bold names means I have seen your entry in this thread.

Want to help advertise the contest? Just paste the code below for the banner in your sig!

Credit goes to @Nekoban Ryo and @Jabberwock for the banner.
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FAQ for this month's theme:

Q. Wow, React Energy is a really old card. Do I have to make a card from that era?

A. Nope! Your card, as always, can be from whatever era you choose. We're assuming for the purposes of this CaC that React Energy is legal in all eras.

Q. Does my card have to have React Energy attached to it for the effect?
A. Nope! It just has to interact with it in some way. React Energy can be elsewhere in the game if that's what your card's effect entails.

Q. Can I reference Plasma Energy, or some [C] Energy of my own devising, instead of React Energy?
A. To keep things simple, no. You must reference React Energy. (That's not to say that you can't also reference another type of Energy, if you like, but it won't count toward the requirement for this theme.)

To be expanded as needed.


/in for text!

I'll also tentatively try out some image faking, but for this month at least, I'll stick with submitting what I know.


Delta Species is best species
/in for image

I've never done a contest like this before. Can't wait to see how it turns out!


You're out of your mind.
So that’s the point breakdown for this quarter’s Create-A-Card. @Jabberwock will be judging image-based, and @VioletValkyrie will be judging text-based.

(I love introducing my judging role by commenting in-thread so let me.~)
I really like the idea of this theme, and I'm excited to see some really interesting entries! Remember to do your best to include the theme the best you can in your entry since that's a thing I see people often forget, or not include as much as they could! With such a cool theme like this it'd be a shame to just let it go to waste! Show me your best!


Delta Species is best species
I've never done a Create-a-Card contest before, but since this one was launched within days of releasing my Omnium templates, I figured I'd give one of the templates a rigorous test run. I tried a lot of new things with this card. It's my first Pokémon LEGEND, first time adding this kind of detail in effects (specifically putting effects in front of the Pokémon), first time entering any kind of contest related to Pokémon card faking, and first time I'll be releasing a card that was specifically meant to be balanced for the HGSS era - a trend which I'm actually going to carry over to all cards I make with these templates.

For anyone interested in giving my blanks a go, I've publicly released them over on my deviantArt here. Photoshop is required, so I apologize if you don't have it. There's just too much to carry over to other programs and too many different combinations for it to feasible to release them all as individual image blanks.

But, without further ado, here is my entry.


Silvally LEGEND – Colorless – HP140
Legendary Pokémon | Put this card from your hand onto your bench only with the other half of Silvally LEGEND.

Ability: Reactive Adaptation
When you attach a React Energy from your hand to this Pokémon during your turn, you may search your deck for a basic Energy card, attach it to 1 of your Pokémon, and shuffle your deck. If you do, this Pokémon is the same type as that Energy card until the end of your turn.

[C][C][C] Prismatic Surge 40+
This attack does 10 more damage for each type of basic Energy card attached to all of your Benched Pokémon.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: [C] [C]
#773 Synthetic Pokémon HT: 7' 7" WT: 221.6 lbs.
Sun: Its trust in its partner is what awakens it. This Pokémon is capable of changing its type, a flexibility that is well displayed in battle.

I tried to keep my notes short, but I had a lot to say. :p

Anyone who's followed me for any amount of time knows that I've poured a huge amount of time into these Omnium blanks for the purpose of having a template that can support each and every gimmick that's been in the card game since all the way back to Base Set. It was a long endeavor, but as of the beginning of this contest, they're finally at a stage where they can be fully available to anyone and everyone for free use. This contest is the first time they've officially been used since then, and this card bears the fruits of my labor. Personally I'm extremely satisfied with it and can't wait to get to work on some other cards I've had planned for the debut set.

A lot of the rationale for placement and layout is explained on the official Omnium thread here, but in short, a couple of things have been changed from the normal LEGEND templates.
  • In Omnium, all cards featuring a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon are tagged with "Legendary Pokémon". There are other cards planned for the format that interact with these cards, just as SM has cards that interact with Ultra Beasts.
  • The wording is intentionally SM or the latest syntax of a specific effect if no such effect exists in the SM era.
  • The layout for the attack area is based off of the classic/Neo era. Following that, "Ability" is written in the same red text as the ability name.
  • All Omnium cards are specifically meant to be balanced for the 2010-2011 Standard Rotation.
  • Fonts and placements should be pixel-perfect as they were made using my templates, which places all the fonts exactly where they should be. Given the nature of Pokémon LEGEND, however, the attack and ability all had to be placed manually.
Even though this card was meant to be balanced for HGSS and is therefore comparable to other LEGEND Pokémon, I found it especially difficult to keep the combination of the attack and Ability from being overpowered. There are plenty of official LEGEND cards, but none of them have any precedent for Pokémon LEGEND that can change their type. I ended up settling on 40+10 for each different type of basic energy on your bench, so that if you use nothing but React Energy to power up this Pokémon (which itself is no easy feat), Prismatic Surge would have a base damage of 70. It stacks up quick when you have a way to change your type to your opponent's Active Pokémon's weakness or it probably would have been a lot higher (and much easier to balance).

Even the way it is now, it requires a pretty decent chunk of your deck to take full advantage of. In my experience, most decks rarely run more than two types of basic Energy and even then it can start to get clunky. To run Silvally LEGEND effectively, you're likely to want to run at least half of the available energy types (of which there are 9 in Omnium, including Fairy), though if you want to make sure you get that weakness bonus, which is meant to be a big draw for the ability, you're going to want to run at least one of each energy. This means 15 cards out of the deck list are essentially chosen for you (Both halves of Silvally LEGEND, 4 React Energy, and 9 different basic Energy types).

It's also no simple task to get this card going in the first place. Pokémon LEGEND are a bit difficult to get into play and, even if you draw both halves in your starting hand, you can't play them as your starting Pokémon. This and the fact that Reactive Adaptation can only be used 4 times (if you're fortunate enough to not have any React Energy prized) balances it out a little more as well. It certainly doesn't make it feasible as a tech to use solely for its energy acceleration, which is in my opinion the most powerful aspect of the card.

I originally was going to try and work out the attack so that it also had a bonus effect with React Energy, but as I got to writing the effects, I found that I liked it to build off of the energy acceleration of the ability instead. This way, one plain old React Energy goes a long way. Not only does it catalyze energy acceleration to any Pokémon, including Silvally LEGEND (though I purposely made it a better idea to attach it to something else by specifying that Prismatic Surge only counts different energy types attached to your benched Pokémon), but it also changes Silvally's type. Then, Prismatic Surge builds off both the energy acceleration and the type change for big damage. I've grown quite fond of the synergy between this card's attack and ability.

Reactive Adaptation is actually a common name for a certain superhero ability. I was trying to stay away from using RKS System as that's already on a lot of fakes for Silvally and Reactive Adaptation seemed appropriate given the theme.

Another thing I'd like to make note of is that not calling attention to the Pokémon's shininess on the card itself is a personal preference, but also a trend I believe began in DPPt, so I believe that should be fine.

As a side note, I ended up with two versions of this card that I like almost equally. This one ultimately came out on top, but I also have a version with a redder background and "swooshes" that are violet instead of indigo. I'll probably put both versions on my deviantArt once I know it's safe to do so.

Reactive Adaptation:
  • Eevee SUM 101 ("When you attach a _____ from your hand to this Pokémon during your turn, you may search your deck for a _____..."
  • Genesect EX PLB 11 ("Plasma Energy" rather than "Plasma Energy card". It seems they dropped "card" when referencing specific Special Energy since the days of React Energy.)
  • Ultra Space FLI 115 ("...and shuffle [your] deck." Originally I had put the standard "Then, shuffle your deck." at the end of the effect, but it didn't seem right. I couldn't find any card with a secondary effect following a deck search, so this seems to me like the wording that flowed the best.)
  • Porygon-Z GE 6 ("[This Pokémon] is the same type as that Energy card until the end of your turn." This was the most recent card I could find with this kind of effect.)
Prismatic Surge:

Special thanks to the PTCG Faking Community Discord Server and friends from my Pokémon League for all the input they provided as I made this card!

Man it feels so wrong finalizing this design after pouring so much effort into it for two solid weeks, but I think it's finally reached a point where I don't think I can do anything else to improve it, so here goes nothing.

I wish everyone the best of luck in this contest!

Thanks so much to the judges and PokéBeach for making this possible! I can't wait to do this again!


Miss Vaanjie
Here's my entry! While I have no expectations of winning, let alone getting in the top 3 haha (especially after seeing some of the other entries that look stunning!), it was more of a "test" month for me to see if I could get placement and allignment issues fixed! Good luck to the other entries!!


Ability: Kakuna (Team Up #4), Bastiodon (Ultra Prism #85), Gengar Prime (Triumphant #94)
Attack: Drampa (Dragon Majesty #51), Melmetal GX (SM Promo #178)
Reference for placement of symbols and text size: Lunala (Celestial Storm #70)

Art: TPCi
Symbols, blanks and numbers: @aschefield101
Holofoil: @Nekoban Ryo



This card was an interesting process to make. It had a few renditions, some very underpowered and others game-breaking, but what really got me was the process of making the visuals. I mostly did the dual typing to prepare for my GX Armada set, which will have a lot of Dual-types, and by a lot I mean pretty much every GX that can be a dual-type will most likely be one. And I kept the trend from Steam Siege of shiny dual types, but ditched the split visuals for a different look, courtesy of bartyboy6 on DeviantArt. The moment I made it look like this I knew this card was gonna be special somehow, but then it just kept getting better. I couldn't be more happy with how it came out.

- @aschefield101 for the blanks and symbols, as always~
- bartyboy6 for the original Dualtype blank
- A big thank you to @Nyora and @blahblahbal for being the sole reasons I was able to word this thing, lol
- Illustration is from the Burning Shadows theme deck

- Cobalion-GX Team Up: "Each of your Pokémon that has any X Energy attached to it..."
- Arcanine-GX Detective Pikachu: "... take X less damage from your opponent’s attacks (after applying Weakness and Resistance)."
- Incineroar Unbroken Bonds: "... You can’t apply more than 1 X Ability at a time."
- Greninja & Zoroark TTGX: "This attack does X more damage times the amount of X Energy attached to all of your Pokémon."
- Colress Machine Plasma Storm: "Search your deck for a X Energy card and attach it to 1 of your... Pokémon." (Needed to figure out how to work this with Special Energy. Base wording carries over eras, take Turtwig from Ultra Prism)
- Sceptile-GX Lost Thunder: "Heal X damage from each of your Pokémon that has any X Energy attached to it..."
- Cottonee Unbroken Bonds: "During your opponent’s next turn, this Pokémon takes X less damage from attacks (after applying Weakness and Resistance)."

As you can tell this card was hell to word. And I had to simplify it to make it possible within the scope of known SM-ear wording conventions. Yeah, fun xP
No lie though it was fun. This whole card was a joy because it felt like my exact vision was being made. I couldn't be happier uwu

And now, I sleep~


Aspiring Trainer
Overly complicated as always.
Alolan Muk
130 HP
Type: [P]

Ability: Catalyzed Reaction
When you attach a React Energy from your hand to this Pokémon, you may search your deck for any number of special energy cards and attach them to this Pokémon. At the end of your turn, discard all cards attached to this Pokémon.

[P][P][P] Kinetic Particles 10+
Before doing damage, you may discard any number of energy from your Pokémon. This attack does 40 more damage for each React Energy you discarded in this way. For each card you discarded from your Pokémon in this way, put 1 damage counter on 2 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon. Switch this Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.

[P][P][C][C][C] Alchemical Reaction 10+
Before doing damage, you may discard any number of Pokémon and React Energy from your hand. This attack 30 more for each card you discarded in this way. If you did not discard a React Energy from your hand, do 10 damage to each of your Benched Pokémon for each card you discarded from your hand.

Weakness: [P]x2
Resistance: None
Retreat: [C][C][C][C]

Ultra Sun: There are over a hundred kinds of poison inside its body. Chemical reactions between different poisons are the source of its vitality.
#058 Sludge Pokémon HT: 3'03" WT: 114.6 lbs.

LST Giratina
Persian GX
Gourgeist CRI



Wanted in Russia
Sign me up for text. It sure has been a while.

Beedrill / Stage2 / HP: 130 / Grass
~ Evolves from Kakuna

[Ability] Swarm Reaction
Whenever you attach a React Energy to this Pokémon, you may search your deck for 3 in any combination of Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

[#] FreeBee Finisher
If you have 3 Beedrill on your Bench, your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Knocked Out.

Weakness: [R] x2
Retreat Cost: [C]

Nothing too spectacular, but uh.. Save the bees, am I right?

Gabs Kazumi

Amateur Illustrator @kazumi.draws
Hi guys!

As my PC is still being fixed, I'll post text-based this month!

When I saw the theme, I instantly thought about a certain BIRD-type Pokémon...

Ketsuban GX - Normal - HP160
Basic Pokémon

Ability - Glitch Effect
Whenever you attach a Special Energy card from your hand to one of your Pokémon, you may search your deck for a Special Energy card with a different name and switch it with that card. Shuffle the first Energy card into your deck.

[C] Chain Reaction 40x
This attack does 40 damage times the number of React Energy attached to all of your Pokémon. If this Pokémon doesn't have a React Energy attached to it, this attack does nothing.

[-] Sixfold Duplication GX
If you have exactly 6 cards in your hand, search your deck for up to 6 Item cards, reveal them and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck. You may play as many Item cards as you want before this turn ends. (You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game)

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: [C]
Also known as MissingNO, this creature divides opinions on whether it is a Pokémon or not. If you capture it, things may act strangely...

Tapu Lele LOT (ability archetype)
Gothitelle FFI (different names)
Rainbow Brush CES (switch Energies)
Ditto DET (first attack archetype)
Alolan Raticate CES (GX attack)

I've always seen Special Energy cards as some ways to "hack" the game and MissingNO/Ketsuban was the first thing that came to my mind. Second was Porygon-Z, but we have some awesome cards of it already (and I have another concept planned for the Porygon-Z I'm making), so I went with the first.

MissingNO is also known as Ketsuban in Japan, so I changed the name bc it sounded more like a Pokémon name to me. Glitch Effect with the Porygon-Z from UNB could be a very nice combo, helping to spread a lot of React Energies to power up Chain Reaction. Sixfold Duplication is a nice move for the early game too, specially for decks that relies on Pokémon Tools to work (like the Silvally one I've been playing).

To be honest, I think Colorless Pokémon deserve more support (like the Fire-types got A LOT in Unbroken Bonds) and I think Ketsuban GX would level the things a bit.

Like the last month, I'll try to make ans illustrated version asap (I just need my computer back).

Thanks and good luck to all the contestants! :)


Aspiring Trainer
Question! Does the CaC symbol has to be a set symbol specifically? I put it in a much better place and instead I want to make my own set symbol as this card would be like an extra, rare card to said set. Is that possible?


Just be chill
Alright, here’s my entry!:
Electrode – Electric – HP 90
Stage 1 – Evolves from Pokémon

Ability: Nuclear fusion
Once during your turn, if you have React Energy in your hand, you may attach it to this Pokémon. If you do, this pokemon’s Attacks do 100 more damage. At the end of this turn, this Pokémon is knocked out.

[L][C][C] Giga Discharge 90
If this Pokémon has any React Energy attached to it, this attack does 20 damage to each of your Opponent’s benched Pokémon. You may move all energy from this Pokémon to 1 of your benched Pokémon.

Weakness: Ground (x2)
Resistance: Metal (-20)
Retreat: [C]
Electrode eats electricity in the atmosphere. On days when lightning strikes, you can see this Pokémon exploding all over the place from eating too much electricity.

Electrode - XY - Roaring Skies

Notes: after thing about react energy, i thought about nuclear reactions and such. Hence, electrode! I feel this Pokémon might fit well with such a card, due to how it reacts with other characters and objects in the Pokémon world