Japan's XY9 Set: 'Rage of the Broken Sky,' New 'Battle Strengthening Sets'


Aspiring Trainer
I got a question about Espeon. If i hit a pokemon with enough damage to kill its previouse stage and use Miraculous Shine does that count as a knock out?
Yep! When you remove the evolution, the max HP drops. If the damage ever exceeds the max HP at the end of an action, the pokemon is knocked out.


The wise fool?
Yes, there was actually a deck a while back in the 2011 format (after the mid-season rotation) that was Yanmega Prime/Kingdra Prime/Jirachi. The Jirachi had an attack where you flipped 3 coins, and for each heads devolved one of your opponent's pokemon. Yanmega had a Poke Body that let it attack for 0 energy if you and your opponent had the same amount of cards in your hands, and Kingdra's spray splash poke power helped further spread damage.

But to answer your question, yes, that does count as a KO.

Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] (EX: Hidden Legends 85/101) is another example; it dates back far farther but it was at least a loose deck staple because it was used for mass devolution. Without boring you all... yeah, it came out at a time when it was really good, and part of that was scoring a KO (sometimes multiple) via devolution.