Japan's XY11: 'Explosive Fighter / Cruel Traitor', CP5: 'Mythical / Legendary Dream Holo Collection'


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Restored Pokemon and their evolutions are so underplayed, they should have just gone ahead and allowed Anorith to remove the Weakness on all Restored Pokemon and their evolutions. Guess we'll see what the official translation reads.


Decks I will be building from this set:

Yanmega BREAK - Deck could be so fast... And so fun.

Talonflame BREAK - new ability to start game with a stage 2?? Yes please.

Yveltal BREAK - I liked gallade EXs attack in theory... It was always close to being good, maybe this revamp w/Yveltals versatility is what it needs.

Toxicroak- one of my favorite Pokemon... I have to lol. Ariados and fighting support? Focus sash chaos tower... Maybe even dragalge? But more likely carbink/BREAK

By far my favorite set in the XY block. Tons of fun cards coming our way. I love the direction the game is going (away from EX centric decks, and night March...)


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Anyone else who found this typo
Gardevoir Spirit Link – Trainer

Attach a Pokemon Tool to 1 of your Pokemon that doesn’t already have a Pokemon Tool attached to it.

Your turn does not end if the Pokemon this card is attached to becomes M Steelix-EX.
Read bold :p


The art is fantastic and it's good to see quite a few Pokemon with Abilities printed.

The most frusrating thing about this set is just how lazily the Restored Pokemon are thrown in. It's a bad archetype and needs either support cards or a complete overhaul. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be getting either. It's embarrassing that Fossil Researcher (FFI) doesn't work for all Restored Pokemon and it's even more embarrassing that the recently released Fossil Excavation Kit can't work with Armor Fossil Shieldon or Claw Fossil Anorith.

I was expecting a few reprints in this set, such as Blacksmith. Are the reprints usually absent in the Japanese release and only present in the English versions? I can't remember how it's worked in the past.

Also, since when were Shieldon and Anorith a fossil pair?
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I'm loving the new Amoongus card. poison and confusion for a single energy
and 100% paralysis for 2 energy if the opponent stays confused.
the basic foongus isn't bad either. i can battle compressor 3 pokeball cards on turn 1, and get them back, and the odds are favourable that 1 in 3 coin flips will be heads, allowing me to grab any pokemon from my deck like Yanmega break.
Which i am already in love with. good to see you again Yanmega PRIME, from all the way back from those HG/SS days.
Grass decks just got a whole lot more powerfull.


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A lot of Pokemon that I wanted to return are in this set! Bastiodon, Gastrodon, Klinklang, Ambiom, Tangrowth, Avalugg, and Armaldo! I am going to love this set!


We should have a bet as to who will be the first person to do the following:
  1. KO the opponent's Pokemon-EX
  2. Take 1 random prize
  3. Take 1 Greedy Die - flip heads
  4. Take another Greedy Die - flip heads
  5. Take another Greedy Die - flip heads
  6. Take another Greedy Die - flip heads
  7. Take 1 random prize
Subsequently taking all prizes from one KO.

Rocket The Shellos

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So they basically reprinted Swoop! Teleporter, Infernape Lv X and Yanmega prime all in the same set? Pretty cool I guess.

Also very happy there's a new Shellos. The Gastrodon could be a nuisance for low energy decks.

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Clawitzer BREAK's attack slightly corrected. It lets any of your Pokemon do more damage to the Defending Pokemon, not just Clawitzer.


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Shellos and Gastrodon shared art, Ken Sugimori art (I think damn these images being so small) and the new style for dual types has really grown on me. Overall I'm very excited for Steam Siege.

One thing though, the Hoopa and Volcanion are shown here as holo but they are going to be our deck holos. Isn't it usually cards that are standard rares that end up deck holos, so either we'll have already-holo cards as deck holos or Steam Seige will convert two holos into non-holos?


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So my #1 boy Lampent got demoted from Night Marcher to middle stage of a fun gimmick deck.

Eh, alright. At least he won't make people angry anymore.
Also, welcome back Yanmega Prime.


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I have a question, when foongus is released the most recent version of pokeballs will be the kalos starter set, correct? If so then foongus's ability seems a bit strange - especially considering kalos starter set is most likely rotating almost immediately after foongus's release. Any chance there is a mistranslation? Since it seems weird to have an ability that has no way to be utilized in standard at all (in a month after its release around when rotation will happen).