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Hello! I am a Pokemon custom card maker and I am starting a new custom set called Team Blizzard and am looking for other creators to help me out with the creation. I am only accepting 5 creators. PM pokemonfan723 for details or if you want to get involved. Thank you!

""UPDATE 4/11/14: "Gym Showdown" was cancelled, no information will be revealed why it was cancelled, but it's an EX set now... so... yeah. Also, it is now 5 creators now instead of 10.""

""UPDATE 4/13/14: It is now a Classic Set. Same set symbol, but classic now.""

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RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

Hi can you please help me with giving me ideas for Fakemon!
I want too make my first online region so I need more ideas.
I want 151 fakemon I already have 20 fakemon ideas.

I only want real fakemon ideas, so not a pre-evolution or something like that.
And I sketched the drawings because I can't do it digital... :(

When I am ready with my list I'll upload the drawings here!

Already thanks for helping me!

PM me so I'll get your idea!!

Fakelist: 22/151
Grass starter (3) ???
Fire starter (6) ???
Water starter (9) ???
Manticore (11) idea from Drohn
Battery (13)
Palm tree (15)
Totem pole (18)
Tiki mask (20)
Secretary Bird (22)
Samurai ryuma (23)
Molecules (26)
Red Paradise bird (28)
Coral Spider (30)
Anenomes on Black Coral (32)
Paradise Bird with sort of ribbons on face (34)
Little Panda (35)
Snow leopard (38)
Angora rabbit (40)
Solenodon (43)
Olm (45)
Coconut crab (48)
Aardvark (50)
Armadillo (53)
Pipefish (55)
Shrimp (58)
Big caterpillar (61)
Toad (63)
bouncing ball (65)
Japanese maple (68
Bamboo (70)
Jpn giant hornet (73)
Jpn giant salamander (75)
Jpn dormouse (76)
Snow fleas (78)
scorpion fly (80)
flying fox (81)
Alexandra butterfly (84)
Atlas butterfly (87)
Fossil an Spikey wing dinosaur (89)
Fossil Fish bones (91)
Possessed soldier toy (93)
edit: 15-05-2014 - 18:20

Please give me more ideas!
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

Chocolate Death said:
Hey, I've been making 2 fakemon games for a few years now (Chrome Version and Spectrum Version), and I've run out of ideas for pokemon.
My goal is to make it so there's 500 total fakemon, but here's what I have so far.
  • Grass/Aria Hummingbird starter, evolves into a quail then peacock
  • smokey baby panda fire-type starter, evolves into a larger panda, then sun bear
  • water-type "seahorse" pun starter, evolves into an aquatic pegasus, then an aquatic alicorn
  • sleeping psychic-type teddy bear to large hybernating bear
  • fighting-type wallaby to kangaroo
  • Hidden Power inspired fruit bat (type and appearance depend on nature)
  • pun "foxbat"
  • pun "cat tail" water/grass type
  • cactus owl
  • electric jerboa
  • baby pig branch evo to flying pig or angry boar
  • dragon shih-tzu
  • fighting/water swan based off of "Black Swan" ballet movie
  • jingle bell lullaby sheep
  • 2 new rotom forms (radio and lamp)
  • bullfrog
  • Water/Ground star nosed mole
  • pun "sea lion"
  • water/grass water buffalo
  • fire-flying pun "buffalo wings"
  • honey bear
  • hamster to gerbil/guinea pig
  • wolf pup evolves into moon wolf with 2 forms
  • rock kestrel
  • pun "spidergrass"
  • stickbug to leafbug to flower butterfly
  • new chameleon that changes color of body depending on the item, and color of eyes depending on the season, color of markings depending on time of day
By the way, I'm making 2 new types (Aria and Radiant/Sound and Light). Originally, I was gonna also add a special type for Porygon and a special type for magic (then fairy happened), as well as a special space-style type (but fairy happened).
I had a much larger list of pokemon before, but someone corrupted my old computer and i lost it. :(
Anyway, what I'm asking is, can anyone give me any ideas for fakemon? (If it's an insect or arachnid, im not gonna look at pictures. if it's a crustacean, however, i'll be fine.) Plants, animals, myths, legends, folklore, and name puns are all best!

You could always go with A Fairy/Water Jellyfish.
Ar a praying Mantis. Or a Ground type toad.

Sense this a discussion of fakes i thought i would share one someone else made.
Gotta say a lot of these designs are kickass!
Team i would use

RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

I have my starter ideas!

Because my regions name is '' Rebirth ''
I have chose for Lotus as the Grass starter, Phoenix for the Fire starter and a Hippopotamus for my Water starter.
I chose them because their a symbol of Rebirth. :)

I need legendary Fakémon ideas so if someone will help me please tell me your ideas! :)
2- Main legendary ???
The trio legendary ???
2 little legendary ???
1 big legendary ???
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

How about a Pill bug (Rollie Pollie) as a grass starter? Red Panda for fire type?

Water type ideas: Viperfish, Pelican Eel

Unique animals: Hummingbird Hawk-Moth, Blue Dragon/Blue Angel.

If you want more unique ideas: http://www.wherecoolthingshappen.com/24-bizarre-animal-creatures-that-really-exist/

I look forward to seeing your designs! :)
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

Hey guys, on XY Pokemon-EX, what are the font specs on the words "Pokemon-EX rule" and the actual rule? I want to erase it and put custom text there.
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

Its mostly edited/custom, using Gill Sans as a base.

But due to card sizes, using custom text on there generally ends up really bad (too small). In the end I used an official one, edited to make it appear less ripped.
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

I just made an account on this forum and wasn't sure where to hop in. I'm a bit worried about how to post in the TCG section, since my decks are all a hodge podge of several different sets. But I saw the fakemon section, and this is my shiz.

I've designed several regions using the 'GameFreak Method', which basically is how (I think) they design regions. This is the thread for general discussion about fakes and whatnot, but I can upload sketches here, can't I?
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

This thread isn't for showcasing but feel free to make your own thread and post your drawings there.
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

Alright, my bad. I wasn't sure if there was a specific thread for all fakemon or what. Thanks, though.
RE: Fake Creations Discussion Area

PMJ said:
where did all our fakers go

here's comes Jax dressed up as a Pied Piper, bringing in all the lost Fakers with his 'alluring' symphonies...

Well, they're back now, so this question is invalid...
RE: Fake Creations Discussion Area

GadgetJax said:
Well, they're back now, so this question is invalid...
Not really true tbh, some are back/not gone, the main bulk have moved onto DA/disappeared.

If and I think it was, referenced to image faking as its from PMJ.
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

It would be nice to see more image fakers on here, I think, especially with some of the really creative card blanks that I've seen people use. :) There's no much potential for creativity! If I knew anything about what made good/balances attacks/abilities/etc., I would probably take a stab at it myself, but I'm also happy just artsing for PMJ for the time being.
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

A monthly image/artwork competition could maybe bring in some more artists to this area of PokeBeach =P

I know I've recently come to the mindset where the Create-A-Card is a good motivation to keep making fake cards and hone my skills in that regard, and a similar thing for images/artwork would be kinda nice.
This forum description does cover it too:
Show off your non-official Pokémon Art, Cards, Games, and more!

Heck, even if it's as simple as making up new art for old official cards, just something to keep people coming back month after month.
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

You guys do have the ability to start up contests of your own using your ideas. You just need to get the idea approved by one of the art staff members. :)
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

This is a really good idea (in my opinion) (I DID NOT DRAW/MAKE THE PICTURE)


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RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

So, I suppose I'm not the only one wondering where all the image fakers went

How many do we even have? CMP and his shadow?
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

We went to DA and Flameh went to a super secret lair of complete and utter awesomesauce and DOOM :p
RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread

I dunno... I'm kinda glad that there's very few image-based fakers here because the ones that are here are usually very very good.

Also I suppose I should start a thread soon hah woops I'll do it this afternoon, got a morning full of work right now