'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

Nekoban Ryo

aka icycatelf
So disappointed that none of my top-favorite Shiny-mon made it to this set... :(

I did notice that there are some counterpart Pokémon missing though (Zangoose for Seviper, Lugia for Ho-Oh, and the other Eeveelutions to name a few). I hope this means we'll be getting a sister set!
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OMG! Pokemon really wants our money! Now I am seriously thinking about saving up money to collect every single one!


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Can we just point out that the FA Fisherman looks exactly like Colonel Sanders without the mustache and glasses


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Whichever way they release these in English, it's gonna be a mess. Hopefully they don't do something like this ever again.

Kashvinder Mann

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Speaking of the golden Tapus, I have a funny feeling we'll actually get those in Team Up much like much like how we suddenly got the golden Solgaleo and Lunala initially.


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I can’t wait to get those full art supporters the most they’ll complete another whole page in my binder whenever they come to English. I’m so happy I want the gold koko and not the lele. I pray to arceus that we all get these cards from this set in English cause there just so amazing


Just be chill
This set is amazing, collectors protect your pockets. I reaaaaallly want the Ralts, Kirlia, vulpix, Ninetales, Gardevoir, sylveon or Lele!


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This is such a beautiful set, but god damn, the chances of you getting the shiny Pokemon you want are so damn slim. With the set already selling out in Japan, there's no doubt that shinies will be worth quite a lot, especially the more playable ones.


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I dunno i have a feeling this wont come to America cus of how many foils there are.