'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!


Link the boxes with no FA shiny? Because that's literally not supposed to be possible.

Don't have to exaggerate or bend the truth to make this set not worth buying with how bad the real ratios already are.
Sorry i have typo'd - i mean FA like SR (rainbow rare kind of thing) or Supporter, usually would have at least one per box!

Lord Goomy

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Maybe these’d be in a special tin or something where you get a random shiny card and a few packs or something?


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I know it's a BabyRay, but I'm looking at this going "Gee, Shuckle and Naganadel is going to absolutely love this."

Seriously, I can imagine a deck of 15 energies, 4 Naganadel, 4 Shuckle, 1 Ditto <*>, 2 Choice Band and Choice Helmet, and the rest is history. Of course, VikaRay is better, but this card really can really make some stupid fun decks.

Now that I think about it...[goes over to the Deck Garage, lel]

Kashvinder Mann

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Seems like the pull rate are much better than I expected. Saw someone open 3 shiny in one box. I bought 2 packs just for the heck of it and got a Shiny Froakie in one of them.


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As a player, I'm not terribly excited about this set as it offers very little in terms of new and exciting tools. IT's really Wonder Labyrinth and that's it.

On the whole, I'm hoping we get this in US and Europe, even though it's just alternate arts because it'd be a great way to encourage players to play Expanded, considering that a lot of these cards are going to be hit by the rotation. In which case, even competitive Expanded players could shoot for the alternate arts (I'll be shooting for that Eeevee and Sylveon-GX if thats the case. I can see a lot going after Shiny Sudowoodo).

Other than that, SUPER disappointed in the Battle Chatelaine group. I figured all of them would have a similar effect to Morgan (Have all 4 in hand, use 1, discard the other 3, get crazy effect). Turns out, only Morgan has the weird effect and the other 3 have effects that are just...meh. Barely decent for Standard. Ah well.


Fairy is starting to look really good with this set though. Anti-Ultra Beast Charm is kind of huge, but at the same time I'm not certain it's needed when you can just play the Fairy version of anti-GX Alolan Ninetales to stop all GX Pokemon since if you're playing something like a Gardevoir GX deck, you're techning in Alolan Ninetales GX from Fairy Rise anyway.

It's mostly that Stadium that's pretty huge. Making everyone else need 1 more energy to attack is pretty massive, but decks seem to run a standard of 3 stadiums minimum nowadays, so it's kind of easy to get rid of.
Yeah well.. but then there is lazy people like me that don't want to add another Alolan Ninetales to their fairy deck. I would rather have a mysterious guidence Alolan Ninetales Gx and the ultra fairy charm, than replace that woth the regular alolan ninetales that is in there just for that instance.