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if you get heads, can you choose to Char the defending pokémon? Since that was also treated as a special condition back when it was an effect printed on the cards?

if so, I think I will be trading for glooms :)

I'm pretty sure burn existed back then too.. But I dunno. Anyways, a card that used char was Neo Genesis Quilava. There were others, but I forget.. Anyways, it was exactly like burn, except it did not go away on the bench. Evolving still removed it though.


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I've never heard of a char special condition. Its not in the current rule book, so it is not a valid special condition to choose.

Can you point me to a card scan that says it causes char?

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Char existed long ago, but it basically was the same as the Burn condition from what I remember. I don't think the Burn condition existed back then.~Mark


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A "Char counter" is not a Special Condition, despite having the same effect as being burned. It also persists when the Defending Pokemon retreats.
The only card that inflicts Char counter is this Quilava.

Burned was only introduced after Johto ended.