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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Athena, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Right on, guys. Looking forward to having some fun. I'll throw together the op sometime today or tomorrow... Signups this weekend? We'll see.

  2. TheSceptileMaster Gastrodon ate my cake


    Your playing 0.0
  3. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    You’ve got some time still, since Drac’s game that is currently running has only hit middish game.
  4. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Okay, let's do this! We'll probably lock it the Great Big Mafia Game (pending title) into that nice 50th game slot after Jade/TSM, around March, so keep that in mind.

    Flavour-wise, how does a fun/bubbly Pokemon-themed set-up sound? The roles would be of Pokemon that would fittingly reside by the beach or in the ocean, like Krabby and Staryu, and we might add a few Items into the mix as well. I've got someone in mind to help me with writing the flavour and some of the roles, although I'll need to confirm that with them first.

    In the meantime, let's get logistics sorted! For this to work, all we really need is enough people familiar with the game to participate. However, there are few roles that we would need filled, and if you'd like to commit to any of them, post below!
    • one or two advisers per alignment, who will take questions from/give advice to new players about things they can't ask the host (e.g. what should I say? who should I act on? should I claim my role?). If you'd prefer to play but would be happy to advise (or vice versa), be sure to say, since we won't know if we have enough until sign-ups.
    • a few people who intend to be "backups", mostly for the inevitable players who sign-up but don't end up 'liking' the role-confirmation post, and to sub in for those who want to bail Day 1.

    Regarding prizes, I've got some 60+ packs sitting on my account that I'm planning on adding to the pool, plus maybe a few other EX/staple goodies, but the more, the merrier! Don't feel obliged, but if you're keen to donate some stuff (packs or cards or misc.), my PTCGO account is "bbninjas".

    If anyone has any ideas at all, I'd love to hear 'em. ^.^
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  5. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Woohoo, an update!

    Flavour-wise I think that's the route to go, a large anniversary game for a site that's been doing mafia for a long time should definitely have flavor built around the site theme. I like the idea of having roles as beach Pokémon, but having water types be the only Pokémon there would be a bit lacking.

    I'm very keen on advising. I think it'd be preferable (if I were to advise) if I helped to advise the town. It'd be much easier on my schedule, since March is when I'll be too busy with exams to actually participate in the game itself.

    Also, for someone like myself who doesn't have a PTCGO account, should I just send you the codes via a picture and PM you, or do I need to make an account? I have about 20 codes to hand over.

    Hope to work further on the project! :D
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  6. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    I'd be quite interested in advising either the mafia/3rd parties or the town, depending on which one needs more advisors.
    I think it would also be good to have a vet like scattered/simsands in the game itself to help explain to people the general process of playing mafia, which us advisors can only do to a limited amount.
    It might also be fun to steal a role from Mafia 2: Azuria (all roles were water types in that game) to celebrate how far we've come as a community.
  7. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    This is a good idea, advisors would be able to help with individual play, but unable to influence the game itself other than that, so having other veterans play to keep the game relatively on track and not a total mess would be a good idea. Seconding this.
    I actually think we could steal a variety of some of the best roles from games across the series to show this, not just certain games. Not all the roles would be stolen and re-designed, but not only would it take away some of the work of the game designers it, like you suggested, shows how far we come.
  8. Nyora A Cat


    Finally PB-themed mafia (been secretly waiting on this for centuries)

    if mystic water isnt in there i swear bb ill slap you
  9. I think that everyone can choose a pokemon that they like and no one else knows what that pokemon is, but have a certain type be the mafia or something (eg: poizon types could be mafia dont look people) and then you could have your role based on the pokemon you chose. Like psychic types can be "detectives" or something. Dunno, i guess now i threw my ideas into the ocean...

  10. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Confirming that @Jabberwock will be helping me write the flavour for the game!

    Yeah, just send me over the codes via PM them. It'd be easier on me if you could type out the codes, since then I can just c/p them into PTCGO~

    We would honestly need 10+ vets (i.e. people who've played +3 games here), or at least a third of the players, actually playing; one won't do very much in the sense of counterbalancing the inexperience. :p

    That could be fun! Also for Lorde, we wouldn't only do [W] types, just Pokemon that we feel would belong on the beach/by the ocean. Surfing Pikachu

    We wouldn't be type-coordinating like that, TLS, as tempting as it is; once people figure it out which it type does, it'll give all the other roles away and that's something we don't want.
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  11. Ok, makes sense.
  12. quakingpunch73 King K. Rool ain't no fool!


    I'd love to help with roles, if you need someone for that.
  13. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    Although that would be nice Quaking, we probably won't be having anyone aside from Jabber help with the roles, simply for the reason that we would want to maximise the number of us playing the game itself for a buffer. :p
  14. quakingpunch73 King K. Rool ain't no fool!


    Ah. I don't mind coaching or actually playing, in that case.
  15. Camoclone TCG Articles Head

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    I can advise any player who plays. No need to limit it to just new players :p.
  16. Wait, what if only you knew your Pokemon. That way they couldn't guess based on type. The same way you keep your name secret in normal mafia games. Also, it would be a lot harder to lie because you would have to know that the psycic is seer or whatever, and if you are psychic type and a seer then you would know they were lying because they got the type wrong. Could be interesting
  17. Anime Psyclone The Raven Child
    Anime Psyclone


    Thread/game idea:rate the music above, one posts a song or tune and the next poster rates it then posts more music, continuing the chain
  18. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    That would work as a YPPY-game (i.e. you-person-person-you, wait for two people before posting again)! You can do the honours of posting, if you like.
  19. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    I have another idea of a game I'd like to host. It is basically the game Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock but with some funny variations to make it more strategic and not too luck based.
    Can I start a new thread with the game rules or do I need a previous approval?
  20. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    On this site, Mariano, posting a thread in FG makes it at first only visible to the moderators and yourself. Then, they can approve it or deny it from there.

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