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Fluttershy's Trade Thread: Want- Terrakion EX and more! Have- Stuff!!!!!

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RE: Want: FA Supporters and More! Have: Keldeo EX!

Fluttershy said:
Well I need a link so that I can check your list

His trade thread is at http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-us-and-canada-frosty-s-chilly-trading-thread
RE: Want: FA Supporters and More! Have: Keldeo EX!

CML for a Landorus EX, please! I do have x2 FA Colress (Played Condition) off your wants.
RE: Want: FA Supporters and More! Have: Keldeo EX!

I also like you Keldeo EX, Jirachi EX FA, and Blastoise RHs. Offer? (Btw, the 3 Landorus are in played condition)
Lol you drive a hard bargain as the values def matched up. Tell you what though, victini is a low want for you but I have an extra so I def wanted to get something I dont have for my collection so ill sweeten it for you.

x1 Victini EX
x1 Drifblim


x1 Resh EX
x1 Empoleon
Deal (only if the Drifblim is the Derail one). Just fyi, I'm not good on conditions but the Reshiram EX (to me) looks NM but I'm not sure. And the Empoleon is the played condition. If you want pics to examine the conditions, or an extra card, LMK

@ DeckSpecialist
Because I can do that if I feel like it :p haha, no. It's because I kinda want Terrakion EX, however, it's not a necessary; so if someone wants one, I would be willing to trade it
Before i say anything, my list is NOT updated and is heavily out of date.

Im interested in your victini ex.

Do you have: X10 fire energy, x3 level ball NXD, x2 skyla BDC , x2 giant cape NXD?

Ill trade you a darkrai ex for all those or if you want to add anything just tell me. I really need dem trainers.

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