'Eevee Heroes' TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!

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  1. Mimikeon Aspiring Trainer


    Most of the others can at least stand as their own tier 2 or 3 decks, and Umbreon is gonna be tier 1 support in 2023. I'll be surprised if someone doesn't find some kind of use for Vaporeon at some point too. Espeon VMAX needs to be paired with Shadow Rider to be good. It is a really good paring though, easily winning against other Shadow Rider decks, any acceleration-heavy deck, and being a serious problem for Dragapult VMAX.

  2. NicoNoo Meta/budget player


    After some considerations, Vaporeon V-max is actually not that bad, but not because of its first attack, but the second one. Hitting for a single Rapid Strike Energy + tool and a Zigzagoon ping for a full 210 is not that bad. There's a point to be made with the fact that Calyrex Ice Rider hits for 250 without needing the Zigzagoon ping and a tool, but it also has a weakness to metal and no way to counter it, so Vaporeon could work as a fun water petdeck at least. Even then, Ice Rider and quad Inteleon V-Max seem superior.
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  3. jamashawalker Ikouze!


    200 damage+more, is super relevant in this format for many reasons.

    1.)Goon+nets means you get more uses out of your goons. And like we see with dragapult, Rapid strike Urshifu, eternatus+Many other decks, that is a very viable strategy. It's more relevant now since it pushes your numbers higher

    2.) 200+ 2 goon pings is 220 damage. That's Zacian V + Evolving Vs HP range. If you have a bad turn 1 with just a Rapid Strike Vaporeon V in play, you are still an immediate threat to any evolving V pokemon.

    3.) 200 for a single energy attachment. Outside of energy acceleration, I don't believe any pokemon can boast that at the moment.

    4.) You can easily Cheryl this card and attach again. Making this a tank.

    5.) If you miss a goon ping and do 100 damage turn 2. You are still a huge threat to an evolving V. Next turn they are 2 goon pings away from 220 more damage. That's scary math to have for a pokemon that can do this for a single energy attachment.

    6.) Name a VMAX post rotation outside of Single Strike cards that is OHKO other VMAXs. That list is very small. Most VMAXs are playing the 2shot game unless they have a very substantial amount of energy(Lapras VMAX/Shadow Rider Calyrex)

    7.) Didnt even get to the part where it's a rapid strike pokemon, meaning it can be teched/paired with out rapid strike attackers AND gets all the rapid strike support. Now that I think about it...It's the strongest Rapid Strike pokemon we have outside of Blaziken V

    8.) TTGXs will rotate. The numbers we want to hit are 220 and 320.

    9.) Zizagoon isn't the only way to get damage counters on the field. Completely forgot we have that new inteleon VMAX coming out that gets your damage on the board and a pretty good finisher
  4. Michael Stadler Aspiring Trainer
    Michael Stadler


    Still if you want to hit 220 with "1 energy" you need: Goon + Net (or goon already in play + 2 nets) + rapid strike energy (so a special energy) + the tool. I would not say it is the same "1 energy cost" as RS urshifu for the example.
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  5. NicoNoo Meta/budget player


    Yeah the setup is extremely clunky, which is why I'm saying it will likely just be a fun deck to use, but nothing that comes near the actual meta. For that we already have Inteleon V-Max and Ice Rider + Melony. The biggest issue with it is the loss of Guzma & Hala, which means that we can't search for Evo Badge (plus energy, but we still have Octillery for that tho). Any turn where you don't hit your Evo Badge is a dead turn, unless you do some even more clunky variant using enough water energies to consistently drop them in the discard pile and then recover another Vaporeon V-Max.
  6. JackWilkening Aspiring Trainer


    Mudkip. That's the post.
  7. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    Vaporeon can set up the Bench with 1 Energy.
    And it's a Rapid Strike Pokèmon.
    I have plenty of ideas with this card.
  8. jamashawalker Ikouze!


    The scenario provided was a HEAVY IF you are in the worse case situation with your turn 1. Starting Vaporeon V and passsing with nothing else done. From playing alot of Dragapult VMAX/Urshifu VMAX+Goons+Nets, your turn 1s mostly go something like this..

    Turn 1
    Basic V
    Attach energy
    Goon ping
    6/10 net
    Ping Again

    This isn't clunky at all. This is an average play without much hassle nor loss in consistency turn 1. The tool is a good swing card(similar to karate belt in Urshifu VMAX) and you'll definitely be running 3 of them in your deck. Is it necessary for Vaporeon turn 1? No because if you didn't miss your energy attachment per turn, you'll be fine turn 2. But it is amazing for Vaporeon. Also a huge difference between RS urshifu VMAX and Vaporeon Vmax, is that Urshifu isn't threatening an evolving V pokemon. Not saying RS Urshifu isn't a threat (because it is a HUGE one) but a vaporeon V with energy attached on the bench is on the same threat level as a Victini V on the bench.

    If Ice Ryder wasn't weak to metal and didn't rely on melony(or if you want to go the frosmoth route) every turn then yeah, it would be so much better than Vaporeon. But it really does depend on how much play Zacian V will still have post rotation. I do predict Zamazenta will start seeing an increase in play because TTGXs wont dominate the format anymore and people will switch over to playing VMAXs
  9. WillyCharizard Aspiring Trainer


    Quite interesting, just wish they were another Pokemons, would prefer they give us unexpected V Pokemons like Liepard, Stoutland or Kricketune are
  10. vexel Aspiring Trainer


    Does this mean a Glaceon VMAX v Glaceon VMAX can hit one another?

    Also, does Espeon VMAX's ability block the bench damage from Dragapult VMAX's Max phantom ?
  11. Shinxed3 Get Shinxed bro


    Why are all of them except for Umbreon butt-ugly?

    *checks illustrators*

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  12. TSA123 i play pokeman


    These seem alright

    Flareon is just kind of ok, it seems inconsistent though and still requires 2 energy attachments even with the tool + Welder is going to rotate by the time this releases

    Vaporeon is interesting, can't wait to see what it's paired up with if it sees play

    Glaceon is actually pretty bad imo. It's a worse version of Zamazenta (Zamazenta can hit it but Glaceon can't hit Zamazenta) and honestly it's a worse version of its predecessor from Ultra Prism because it got Energy Evolution and stopped abilities like Shaymin, Zoroark, etc. Sure it didn't block damage but we already have a card that does it better. It's also weak to Zacian (I know it has the tool but Zacian decks can play Tool Scrapper anyway).

    Jolteon is alright. I don't think it'll see play just because it's a worse version of Zeraora V that'll probably be played in the Blaziken/RS Urshifu deck if that even sees play. I don't see this taking place over Zeraora

    I didn't give my words about Espeon but it seems alright. It hits both Urshifus for weakness but it only does 180 for 3 to Zacian. We're not heading into a format that sees a bunch of Energy attached to 1 Pokemon so I don't see this getting much play.

    Umbreon is really good and will see play with Eternatus. Just watch
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  13. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    • Flareon VMAX - 200-300 dmg minimum for 3 energy. You're a SS mon, so you have Houndoom. Too bad you'll lose Welder, big loss for R types. But assume you dump 2 energy, you'll KO most Pokemon Vs out there. 4
    • Vaporeon VMAX - If we have an evolved W type that can make use of this first atk, this is great. The second atk is done for 2 energy, just run Zigzagoon and you have a turn 1 attack. 4
    • Glaceon VMAX - Too bad, the Zacian weakness really prevents it from being too good. VMAX immunity is nice especially most VMAXs are seeing play. Don't forget that Vs are somewhat can be capable of KOing you for 3 prizes. 4
    • Jolteon VMAX - Just run Zigzagoon. 3-4
    • Espeon VMAX - 4-5
    • Umbreon VMAX - If Luxray GL Lv. X was seen a bunch of play, and Lycanroc GX was seen a bunch of play, this will also see a bunch of play. 5 Geodudes
    • Eevee Badges - until we don't have a clear official ruling, this will only apply to Vs which are bad on some ways. 3
  14. Sabaku Aspiring Trainer


    That's not the most important part. Umbreon-V is a Single Strike Dark type that OHKO Calyrex and Dragapult at a reasonable cost. All you have to do is run Houndoom.
  15. Rocket The Shellos Aspiring Trainer
    Rocket The Shellos


    badges work on the VMAXes, consider the wording

    "The Zacian V this card is attached to" VS "If the Pokemon this card is attached to has Sylveon V in its name"

    i could see some of these actually being played
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  16. MagnaDrake Aspiring Trainer


    I feel the only one that will see guarantee play is Umbreon, maybe even outside of Dark/Single Strike archetype just for a non-supporter Gust. The other Eevees are matchup dependent and probably depends on the Badge card rulings.

    Someone pointed out the wording is 'If it has [Pokemon] V in its name', technically Glaceon VMax (for example) DOES have 'Glaceon V' in its name, just with an extra Max at the tail end, so it might be valid for use.
  17. JustInBasil Grass-Type Gym Leader

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  18. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Leavanny is actually okay, if you can afford to sacrifice a turn to clear all the damage from you VMAXes. "Okay" as in "it does something instead of being useless", rather than "it's meta".

    I think it's time to start evaluating these cards in terms of SwSh-on Single Prize Only, or else so many of these new releases will be an absolute "meh".
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  19. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    • Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny - you, an American, waking up seeing this card revealed and turns out to be bland. Oh boy! (P.S., I am not an American. I do these for the memes) 2/2/2
  20. Mimikeon Aspiring Trainer


    I mean, if people play Cheryl...
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