News 'Eevee-GX Box' in January!

These look awesome!
Is there something known about English version yet? I mean come on... I MUST have these ASAP ^.^
Especially Flareon GX, I've been waiting (it's my favorite Pokémon after Sylveon and Ninetales, respectively.. tho all other eeveelutions, vulpix, etc are not far behind)
On the one hand it’s a supporter card.
On the other hand, it gets you two trainer cards out of the top 7 of your deck, so I’d say it will be a nice tech in some decks.
It's a pseudo Alolan Ninetales; on one hand it's a supporter and can only search the top 7 cards, on the other it can grab any trainer (opposed to Alol. Ninetale's items), and doesn't take bench space....
I really like this. Like, really really really like this. Stall decks with a lot of max copies will be in the money.