News 'Eevee-GX Box' in January!

I would actually love to try to build a deck that can use every single eeveelution just for fun. With eevee, eevee gx, and ditto prism star you have plenty now.
Pretty normal kind of product you'd expect, but it'd be Eevee-n better if they released all three of them.

I'm really sorry
Pokemon... Please stop with the oversized cards... they are completely useless to anyone other than collectors... and stop loading boxes with outdated sets for Standard.... we dont need any more Evolution packs.... It's already bad enough im gonna have to track down 4x of each Eeveeultion GX
I would hope that Europe would get these in some form otherwise it’d be unfair
If I remember correctly, Europe gets the Eevee-evolutions in Tins. (And the cover might be the Wal-Mart exclusive Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon EX tins... maybe)
Jolteon's free retreat and bullet punch looks decent. Play some rainbow energy to use that when playing Flareon for it's acceleration. Vaporeon doesn't feel too good.