'Detective Pikachu' TCG Products Announced for Spring!

Lord Goomy

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Just come down to the Ludicolo Cafe, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner! While you’re there, feast your eyes on the derpy duck-waiter that is Ludicolo!

Skeleton Liar

Yup. Looks like a modern TPCi set. Literally half the set is rares or higher. :rolleyes:

I might pick up some products for fun.


I'm playing Big Blacephalon next quarter :)
Fun Fact, there isn't an uncommon in this set! I'm predicting 2 Commons, a Reg Rare and a Holo per pack, since there's only 4 cards


Love the fact that Lickitung's design is so out of this world that it looks exactly the same as usual, except for the tongue obviously.

Also looking at these cards; why doesn't Psyduck evolve into Ludicolo??! Fix this GameFreak!
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Kent Freeze

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Ditto would be an interesting inclusion in a marshadow toolbox deck -- though the energy requirement is tricky.


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It's a stage 2 pokemon and it needs 5 energies to attack. It is way too slow and won't be viable at all. Kiawe is not an option, because your turn would end, meaning your opponent gets to attack twice, and probably two shots Charizard anyway, which results in a bad prize trade.

He didn't say "viable", he said playable. And with that in mind: Kiawe onto a benched Charmander T1 + 1 manual attach isn't an impossible task whatsoever.