Pokemon Ash's Pikachu IV Counting

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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_effort_value_yield this is where you can find all the Ev stats

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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    I am very into White Version right now, so I am going to temporarily postpone this project. I really don't want to and want to continue, but White is literally absorbing my attention. Once I beat the main storyline and finish major events in the game, I will once again continue this.

    Thanks to all who have followed this thus far, I will keep you posted! :)
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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    He has said that he is temporarily putting aside this project. To prevent further spammy posts, this can be locked until BlueEyedSteelix wishes to resume.

    Blue Eyed Steelix~ PM me or any other moderator whenever you'd like this re-opened :)
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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    Opened by request.
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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    Hey guys,
    I have decided to start this project up once again! Although it is finally summer, I do have a lot to do. I will be regularly updating this project, but it probably won't be as frequent as before. I hope many of you who have been following this project come back to check it out and follow it once again. :)
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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    yes i cant wait till you finish i am going to use this to get an Ash's pikachu of my own
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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    I'm excited to get going too guys, but I'm still busy. Mind you, I will start soon. I have a lot of training for work to get done.
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    "PROJECT PIKACHU" Ever wanted Ashs' True Pikachu

    {L} Ever wanted ashes true pikachu? Well i have been working on the project for a while now by watching the anime and recording all of pikachus battles. Thus giving us the exact EV's (or at least the ones we see) in hopes of making the closest replica of ashs' pikachu to date. I know others have attempted it but I intend to compleate it. Introducing " PROJECT PIKACHU" {L}{L}

    Season 1

    Pokemon defeated:
    Spearow X48: 48 Speed (1 Speed per Spearow)
    Raichu: 3 Speed
    Meowth X8: 8 Speed (1 Speed per battle)
    Tentacool X7: 7 Sp. Def (1 Sp.def per battle)
    Ekans X3: 3 Atk (1 Atk per battle)
    Arbok X9: 18 Atk (2 Atk per battle)
    Koffing X3: 3 Def (1def per battle)
    Wheezing X7: 14 Def (2 Def per battle)
    Geodude: 1 Def
    Grimer: 1 HP
    Jigglypuff: 2HP
    Paras: 1 Atk
    Squirtle: 1 Def
    Charmeleon: 1 Sp. Atk/ 1 Speed
    Dodrio: 2 Atk
    Vileplume: 3 Sp. Atk
    Fearow: 2 Speed
    Butterfree: 2 Sp. Atk/ 1 Sp.def
    Raticate: 2 Speed
    Rhydon: 2 Atk
    Cuebone: 1 Def
    Marrowack: 2 Def
    Growlith X4: 4 Atk ( 1 Atk per battle)
    Arcanine: 2 Atk

    Current EV Count: 137{L}


    Pokemon defeated:

    Golem: 3 DEF
    Pinser: 2 Atk
    Venomoth 1 Speed/1 Sp.Atk

    Current EV Count: 144{L}

    Season 2 The Orange League

    Pokemon Defeated:

    Weezing: 2 Def
    Arbok X3: 6 Atk (2 Atk per battle)
    Lickatung: 2 HP
    Victorbell: 3 Atk
    Rydon: 2 Atk
    Marrowack: 2 Def
    Alakazam: 3 Sp.Atk
    Ditto: 1 HP
    Dragonite: 3 Atk
    Meowth: 1 Speed

    Total EVs for season 2: 25

    Current EV Count:169 {L}


    Belive it or not Pikachu did not engage in battle at all in this movie
    Pokemon Defeated: N/A

    Current EV Count: 169{L}

    Season 3 The Johto Journeys

    Pokemon Defeated:

    Victory Bell X3: 9Atk (3 Atk per battle)
    Arbok X2: 4 Atk (2 Atk per Battle)
    Dodrio : 2 Atk
    Hoot Hoot:1 HP
    Metapod: 2 Def
    Meowth: 1 Speed

    Total EVs for season 3: 19

    Current EV Count:188{L}

    Movie: Spell of the Unknowen:

    Pokemon Defeated:
    Quagsire: 2 HP
    Total EVs:2

    Current EV Count: 190{L}

    Season 4 Johto League Champs

    Pokemon Defeated:

    Meowth X4: 4 speed (1 speed per battle)
    Miltank: 2 Def
    Wheezing X2: 4 Def (2 def per battle)
    Arbok X4: 8 Atk (2 Atk per battle)
    Seaking: 2 Atk
    Jolteon: 2 Speed
    Murkrow X3: 3 Speed (1 Speed per battle)
    Victory bell: 3Atk

    Total EVs for season 4: 28

    Current EV count: 218{L}

    Movie: MewTwo Returnes:

    Pikachu did not battle no EVs gained

    Movie: Celebi voice of the forrest:

    Pokemon Defeated:
    Croconaw 1 Atk 1 Def

    Total Evs gained: 2

    Current EV Count: 220{L}

    Season 5 Master Quest

    Pokemon Defeated:

    Fearow: 2 Speed

    Arbok X5: 10 Atk (2 Atk per battle)

    Wheezing X4: 8 Def (2 Def per battle)

    Meowth X4: 4 Speed (1 Speed per battle)

    Victorybell X4: 12 Atk (3 Atk per battle)

    Electabuzz: 2 Speed

    Magnemite: 2 Sp. Atk

    Blastoise: 3 Sp. Def

    Gyarados: 2 Atk

    Azumarill: 3 HP

    Kecleon: 1 Sp. Def

    Total EVs Gained in Season 5: 49

    Current EV Count: 269{L}

    HEY! Over half way there now!

    Season 6 Pokemon Advanced

    Pokemon Defeated:

    Arbok: 2 Atk

    Tailow X25: 25 speed (1 speed ber tailow)

    Beedrill: 2 Atk/ 1sp Def.

    Fearow: 2 Speed

    Meowth X3: 3 Speed (1 speed ber battle)

    Yanma: 1 Speed

    Ariados: 2 Atk:

    Geodude: 1 Def

    Nosepass: 1 Def

    Cacnea X2: 2 Sp. Atk ( 1 Sp. Atk per battle)

    Seviper X2: 2 Atk/ 2 Sp. Atk (1atk/1sp.atk per battle)

    Cascoon: 2 Def

    Spheal: 1 HP

    Magnemite X2: 4 Sp. Atk (2 Sp. Atk per battle)

    Voltorb: 1 Speed

    Magneton: 2 Sp. Atk

    Dustox: 3 Sp. Def

    Meditite: 1 Speed

    Total EVs Gainrd in Season 6: 60

    Current EV Count: 329{L}

    Season 7 Advanced Challenge

    Pokemon Defeated:

    Ninjask X2: 4 Speed (2 speed per battle)

    Sviper X4: 4 Atk/ 4Sp.Atk (1Atk/1Sp.Atk per battle)

    Cacnea X3: 3 Sp.Atk (1Sp.Atk per battle)

    Slugma: 1 Sp.Atk

    Meowth X2: 2 Speed (1 Speed per battle)

    Zangoose: 2 Atk

    Arron: 1 Def

    Shroomish: 1 HP

    Slackoth: 1 HP

    Crawdaunt: 2 Atk

    Spheal: 1HP

    Igglybuff: 1 HP

    Kecleon: 1 Sp.Def

    Doduo: 1 Atk

    Machop: 1 Atk

    Volbeat: 1 Speed

    Swablu: 1 Sp.Def

    Marill: 2 HP

    Vigoroth: 2 Speed

    Total EVs Gained in season 7: 36

    Current EV count: 365{L}

    Season 8 Advanced Battles
    Pokemon Defeated:
    Cacnia X2: 2 SP.Atk (one per battle)
    Seviper X2: 2 Atk/2 SP.Atk (1atk/1SP.Atk per battle)
    Meowth: 1 Speed
    Quagsire: 1 HP
    Wallrain: 3HP
    Lunatone: 2 SP.Atk
    Soulrock: 2 Atk
    Seaking: 2 Atk
    Sealeo: 2 HP
    Milotic: 2 SP. Def
    Hitmonlee: 2 Atk
    Metagross: 3 Def.
    Total EVs gained season 8: 27
    Current EV count: 392
    Season 9 Battle Frontier
    Pokemon Defeated:
    Milotic: 2 Sp. Def
    Beedrill X15: 30 Atk/ 15 Sp. Atk (2 Atk/ 1 Sp. Atk per battle)
    Siczor: 2 Atk
    Alakazam: 3 Sp. Atk
    Espeon: 2 Sp. Atk
    Weavile X3: 3 Atk/ 3 Speed (1 Atk/ 1 Speed per battle)
    Regice: 3 Sp.Def
    Total EVs gained season 8: 63
    Current EV Count: 455
    Lucario & the mystery of Mew movie
    Pokemon Defeated:
    Weavile: 1 Atk/ 1 Speed
    Breloom: 2 Atk
    Total EVs gained: 4
    Current EV Count 459
    Season 10 Diamond and Pearl
    Pokemon Defeated:
    Piplup: 1 Sp. Atk
    Dustox: 3 Sp. Def
    Roselia: 2 Sp. Atk
    Cranidos: 1 Atk
    Onix: 1 Def
    Golbat: 2 Speed
    Carnivine: 2 Atk
    Pachirisu: 1 Speed
    Buneary: 1 Speed
    Buizel: 1 Speed
    Mismagius: 1 Sp. Atk
    Garados: 2 Atk
    Rydon: 2 Atk
    Magmar: 2 Sp. Atk
    Cacnia X4: 4 Sp. Atk (1sp. atk per battle)
    Seviper X5: 5 Atk/ 5 Sp. Atk (1 atk/ 1 Sp. atk per battle)
    Total EVs gained Season 10: 36
    Current EV Count: 495!!!!!!
    Rise of Darkrai movie:
    Pokemon Defeated:
    Torterra:2 Atk/ 1 Def
    Total EVs gained: 3
    Current EV Count: 498
    Season 11 DP Battle Dimention
    Pokemon Defeated:
    Spiritomb: 1Def/ 1Sp.Def
    Rydon: 2 Atk
    Magmar: 2 Sp. Atk
    Aggron: 3 Def
    Metang: 2 Def
    Carnivine: 2 Atk
    Total Evs Gained: 12
    Current EV Count: {L}510!!!!{L}

    TOTAL EVS=510 {L}:D
    WOW This was fun made it 6 episodes into DP Battle Dimention before finally finishing hope you all enjoy my work and happy EV Training!!

    "Project Pikachu" is a work all my own and may not be posted other places with out my consent.
    Copyright 2012
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    RE: "PROJECT PIKACHU" Ever wanted Ashs' True Pikachu

    Wow, good luck with this :) you must be extremely patient to do an undertaking this large.
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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

    Merged both of the "Ash's Pikachu threads." While they're two separate attempts, I think both undertakings can serve as a good reference for anyone looking to do the same thing. =)
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    RE: Ash's Pikachu

  12. pkmmaster I would just like to say a big thank you for all the time and effort you must have put in to this project. I have been watching and waiting for you to be done with this ever since I searched on google to see if anyone had undertaken this task before. However, I do not agree with the EVs that you listed at the end of your post. While I was waiting for the project to be completed, I created a spreadsheet to record all the information you put on the thread and I think you have made a few counting errors while tallying up the numbers. I also believe that you are on 509 EVs rather than 510. If I'm wrong please ignore this, but if you wouldn't mind looking over my spreadsheet just to check that you are correct in your figures at the bottom of your post. I think it would be such a shame for this to be incorrect after you have put in so much hard work to get everything right. Once again many thanks for undertaking such a daunting task.

    I have just found that I am unable to attach it to this post so would it be possible to email it to you?
    Many Thanks.
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    Absolutly send me the spreadsheet it is very possable that i missed one but not to worry i have that covered seviper was also beaten in the last episode how ever in the last season it is posted that pikachu only recived 12 EV stats but 13 are shown as hitting the 510 would not allow for both EVs to be gained from carnivine. But do please send me the spread sheet and try to point out where the mistake was made. I'm glad someone out there was checking my work, it was quite the task to do this myself. thanks again my books are a mess if scribbles and ticks to have a spread sheet will be great.
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    Is there a reason the title says "IV" but the thread is about EVs?
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    Mods merged my form with another

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