Pokemon Adventure Tour 2013 (UK)


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Hi guys,
After taking a two-year break from PB, I recently stumbled upon the Adventure Tour whilst at a local festival. Have you guys heard about this?

It was a five-part UK tour in which you can try out upcoming games and play a few real games in order to collect 8 stickers. The prize? A cardboard hat with a Kalos starter on it. Apparently these were also given out at Comic-Con earlier this year.

Despite it being packed, I got a little go at some of the games and managed to get 10/10 on a Pokédex quiz (didn't expect any less!) Was really strange to see so many grown men walking round town wearing Fennekin hats!

Have you guys had anything like this in the States? I wasn't even aware of its existence until I found it.

Huh. Never thought the UK got any attention like this anymore. Looks hideously boring and pointless though.
That hat is like something they give you for free just for buying something at the Pokémon Centres in Japan.
You guys got this awesome stuff?
I want to have a Fennekin hat too....
I've never noticed anything like this happening over here in the US.
Maybe it'll come soon....
I moved this thread to the General Pokémon discussion forum, since it's not focused on the upcoming Pokémon games.
Blob55 said:
Which parts of the UK?

The last day of the tour was actually today, but you can see the previous events here. The first date was "Magic Summer Live" on the 13th July. Would've posted about it sooner if I'd known it existed.

Interesting that they have similar hats in Japan. They were pretty much the only thing you could get. There was also a "Pokémon Grabber" with Cinccino toys inside but you had to be picked at random to get a go on the machine.

Thanks for the move Drohn! Wasn't really sure what this fell under.
Ooo! I was there! I lost to some VGC players... It was nice to see something like this in the UK though! Makes a change. Still, no Pokémon X and Y demo though...
Yeah, I'd hoped that there would be more focus on new information seeing as they were promoting the new games.
I hope there are more of these in the future!
There was a March 2011 event that came out all over the states, and it included prizes like little Oshawott dolls. I have a Tepig and Snivy doll lying somewhere in my room from that. :3