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  • xxashxx' pid='2670691' dateline='1413170705 said:
    Oh yeah duh but I mean to stop it altogether. Even if it is corrected it will still have some type of issue.:)
    Surgical intervention such as LASIK will reshape the cornea, correcting the astigmatism itself. I'm not sure what issues you mean, as side effects (particularly relating to the astigmatism itself, as you implied) are quite rare.
    Sorry. I don't know any other places. I mainly use Youtube too. Perhaps other uploaders have the same song that aren't removed yet. You can search for the title of the songs.
    Not the videos themselves, they just sometimes have to remove the music due to copyrights. Sometimes they have to remove videos due to copyrights too, though.
    It might be because the person that made the video only included music for the first part of the video. Sometimes Youtube removes sound for copyrights. I'm not sure what else issue could be.
    It is about the value of the items. If the value is the same it does not matter if they are cards, games, or a combination of both.
    I don't think it's unfair. Both have a monetary value. For example if a game is worth 40 dollar, trading it for a card or multiple cards of also 40 dollar worth is a fair trade.
    I saw your post in the trading forum. It's allowed to trade a game for cards. It is not allowed to trade game data (for example a Pokémon in a game) for cards. You can only trade physical objects in the trading forum. The game itself is a physical object, so it may be sold or traded by a verified seller.
    Hi! :D How's it going? I heard Charizard is your favourite Pokémon too. Mine too! :D
    Has your post count been fluctuating up and down over the past few days? Mine has, but I think its finally fixed.
    Yeah sounds like it is badly glitches. Cool. Thanks man cause right now I am trying to complete a trade with Shiny Vincent and has so far turned down all my shiny offers so far. Hopefully he will accept this one. Thanks man.:)
    xxashxx, no prob. If I get another shiny I don't want, I can hand it to you. I seem to be getting all kinds of weird things with my X version, like one time Serena had a male meowstic for some reason, and then it went back to female, and a random trainer had a shiny zigzagoon somehow... I think my game is all glitched out but i keep finding at least one shiny a week.
    xxashxx, Alright. It's female with lax nature. Want it to have a nickname? If you do, I recommend the clever Barbara because of it's Iron Barbs ability.
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