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  • xxashxx, I can barely rack up 100P to get into the 4 star restaraunt for balm mushrooms for money. Lol damn. But i'd like to play with a friend in there though. Always wanted to play side by side with a friend since Platinum.
    xxashxx, Damn i forgot i just switched out my Swirlix's held items omfg. Also, it uses 3DS friend code, and I said my Moltres in W2 from SS. I have Greninja on X so i'd get.... Wait, I'd be getting Moltres lol. I havent fought ramos on it yet though. Lemme give my swirlix whipped dream so she can evolve when traded. hold on.
    xxashxx, sorry, but i dont trade legendaries temporarily liek that unless they do too, or they need to evolve a pokemon via trade
    xxashxx, when I put up a weedle, it means "no thanks" btw. Also, if you happen to have Tropius or Rufflet, i'd love to have them. On GTS, everyone's only asking for legendaries for them lol
    Also, sniper beedrill
    xxashxx, Oh, no problemo! Only pokemon I need now are the ones I have on X (i have them on here too, but I dont wanna get rid of any lol), Zebstrika (someone's getting it for me soon), Moltres (i'll bring over my shiny one i caught in SS), the Hoenn fossils (exclusive to X, i'll get them in mine), and more non-english pokemon for shinies.
    xxashxx, I need Zapdos since I'll have Moltres on X. Also, thank you so much for the Bronzong and Beautifly! I've been trying to get my own Bronzong and Dustox and couldn't with the Safaris I have! Now I can breed them! Thanks!
    xxashxx, either way, I think I'll be fine without cloned pokemon, as I only wish to register pokemon in my dex for a second. Besides, how is it fair that you send me a clone and I send you my only ones? That means you could very well end up taking a pokemon from me and I'd have no way to stop you...
    xxashxx, Apparently, the blue pentagon on a pokemon's summary page means it is a legit pokemon that has not been obtained through cloning, hacking, or cheating... I guess they figured out how to determine clones and all. Sometimes it's just from it being from another region. Nintendo said it's there to tell which pokemon are and arent okay to use online basically.
    xxashxx, Oh... I thought cloning was illegal and stuff... Only time I ever saw cloning stuff was when my cousin was using Action Replay and hacking his DSi. My bad. We can continue the convo on profiles
    xxashxx, To clone a pokemon is to cheat and multiply the data, but i didnt say you could get in trouble ONLY if you clone it. They might do something in the future that punishes anyone who had a clone pokemon at any point in time, as in they had two pokemon (clones or original and clone) simultaneously and could end up removing them or something. I can bring a moderator or super mod into this to see who's right if you'd like.
    xxashxx, NO NO NO NO NO CLONING IS ABUSE OF GLITCHES OR HACKING. Cloning is not a legal thing to do in the games. If you clone it, you can potentially be punished in the future. Do not do it! I have X version but I'm too early in to get Xerneas but I just wanna complete my dex on Y now since that's one of the only ones missing, so please just dont.
    Damn! I finally get you and my wi-fi goes off! If only my phone could let me tether or something... ;-;
    Oh, btw, would it be ok for me to use Xerneas in battle to register both forms?
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