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  • Everything but Shelder Shuckle Megnazone and Probopass are on my Diamond. The FC is 2191 6774 7854. The rest are on Pearl and Platinum and Growlthe is on HG if I still have one. If not might have on one of my other carts XD.:)
    Oh! Uh, can we get the Shellder, Growlithe, Shuckle, Magmar, Probopass and Magnezone done first? Which FC is that?
    Yoyoyo. I have a Rhydon, Seadra, Dusclops and Scyther I'm ready to trade evolve, so those will be definite trade backs. I'm updating my list now.
    I keep all of the people I have made friends with here. Sometimes they do come back but not for long though. I have add you to my list XD.:)
    Hey man get the hints.(add me to your buddy list already and purify it by taking out the people who are inactive unless you want them as memories.
    LOLz. I have had the whole list long before the new system was added. I don't have a Wii so I can't Brawl you XD. If you had a DS with one of the Pokemon games before B/W then yeah we could battle sometime XD.:)
    Well at the moment all I got is SSBB wanna brawl some time if you can. Anyways, 104 BUDDIES AND I'M THE ONLY ONE GIVING YOU COMMENTS. I feel bad for you.
    You can have a real buddy that will add you back. *adds xxashxx to buddy list*
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