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  • Because I'm teaching Vacation Bible School tomorrow morning and they want me to go to sleep. :p
    Alrighty. I'll wait for as long as possible before my parents throw a fit hah. Thanks again!
    xxashxx, Haha I definitely will when I get the urge to trade. But you know me, I like UT Shinies. (I actually don't have any from Gen 5)
    I can't make it tonight. I have a college visit and I have to wake up really early and need sleep. Let's shoot for Sunday night at...can we make it earlier? 6:00 pm PST?
    Yeah...uh...let's plan AHEAD. I'm only 17 and can't really do what I want whenever just yet. :p My family was asleep. So, you mean tonight?
    xxashxx, Not much! Everything I have in on my trade thread, I think it is updated, but I haven't traded much in awhile, sadly.
    You bet I am! All I need is right there. I AM SO CLOSE. Obviously, Shellder, Houndour and Electivire are my #1 wants right now, because I don't have access to FireRed Pokemon and Electrizer.
    Aw crud. Can you give me time as I just got back from a 3 day trip man. Don't trade with anyone for a month. I need time to be able to catch you. I was not able to trade on Friday or Saturday. Please give me a month to catch you man. Thanks XD.:)
    Just updated, and I'm soooo close now it's scaring me. I need Shellder and Houndour the most.
    I don't have your FC. I don't think I will have time to do any tonight and not sure that I will have Wi-Fi until Sunday night or Monday. Yeah I probably have them all. Tak a look at my trade thread sometime XD.:)
    Oh wow! So that means you have quite a bit. I'll get your FC in on my Pearl. You have mine right? Rather than me just waiting on you, can we have a set time to meet? I'm EST btw.
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