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    Collecting What do You do with Bulk?

    There isn't too much to do with them, but some websites let you trade you bulk in for a box or store credit. There's a relatively common one that lets you trade 1400 bulk in for a box of the new set each release for a period. No energy and cards must be in good condition, you have to pay...
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    Ruling When does Shadow Stitching activate?

    Celebi's ability has KO as a trigger. The SS effect placed on the defending Pokémon would be turned on before the KO occurs based on your flowchart. Since the effect is on when the KO occurs, no ability can be used.
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    Discussion What Counts as a Legal Pokemon Player?

    Well actually the tournament rules do define a Play! Pokémon Member as a person so the rabbits aren't persons and can't be Play! Pokémon Members. Among the types of defined "Persons" one is a player. A player is someone who has a Pokémon Trainer Club ID number, which I guess is the closest to...
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    Ruling Turtonator vs. Tapu Bulu card ruling help?

    The effect would still happen. Shell Trap says "During your opponent's next turn, if this Pokémon is damaged by an attack (Even if this Pokémon is Knocked Out) put 8 damage counters on the attacking Pokémon." (Note it does not say active, emphasis mine) Bursting Balloon is worded similarly...
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    Ruling Turtonator vs. Tapu Bulu card ruling help?

    Healing first, then the 80 damage. It functions similarly to Bursting Balloon. Below is the explanation of BB and another attack that healed. Unless we get a separate ruling this is what I would recommend going by. So the order of operations is Bulu attacks, attack resolves damage+effects so 150...
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    Ruling Turtonator vs. Tapu Bulu card ruling help?

    KO is checked after the effects of the attacks are done. The Bulu would survive.
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    Help I Just Can't Win Consistently With Volcanion and it's Depressing.

    Well those are relatively simple techs to correct if that's your meta. Against a water meta run the new stadium that gives you no weakness, Altar of the Sun, and/or tech in one weakness policy. Against Garb, you can afford to play a little slower and not use as many items, but you don't...
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    Help I Just Can't Win Consistently With Volcanion and it's Depressing.

    You should post your deck if you haven't already. Volcanion is a relatively tight list, there's a small amount of variation, but you really need your Shaymin/Hoopa in order to get things set up quickly enough. I haven't had the same experience you have with having trouble with Volcanion so I'm...
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    Standard Alolan Ninetales GX

    A month ago Lele wasn't out, much less tournament legal so this entire thread was speculation. I haven't seen any lists with 3 Lele that have been successful at any major tournaments yet. (Probably because it just became legal this past weekend!) Give it a tournament or two to find out what the...
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    Help Water/Metal/Tool Box Question

    It means they have several counters built in to them instead of focusing on one thing. For example, Plumebox ran Vileplume for item lock, plus Glaceon EX and Jolteon EX, which counter evolved or basic Pokémon and would use the one that was needed in the matchup at the time, discarding the one...
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    Discussion Full Art Cards: Strategic Disadvantage?

    One advantage to playing with FA cards is you can sometimes count easier how many of that card are in your deck when searching. For example, when searching for your Shaymin after an Ultra Ball in a Volcanion deck, having the normal Volcanion, the FA, the tin promo, and the SR print makes each...
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    Help Tapu Lele & Shaymin Help

    No one knows exact rotation until it gets announced closer to Worlds in August so it's hard to say if Dive Ball and Rough Seas will stay or go, they are right on the edge of either. There's still four months of the current rotation so that's a third of a year. On these boards lots of people seem...
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    Discussion Speculative - A Ban List for the TCG?

    @Fayld, Archeops does prevent Rare Candy since it comes from hand. If the Evolution is in your hand, you can't use it. If it's in the deck you can. This is directly from the official compendium: Q. Does Rare Candy override evolution-preventing effects such as Archeops' "Ancient Power" Ability...
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    Discussion Mallow/Alolan Sandslash as a deck engine?

    If you get N'd then you have to shuffle your deck, so whatever you put on top with Mallow is most likely no longer on top. So with Mallow and Sandslash you would for sure get the one card you were looking for, but not necessarily the second unless you paired it with another way to grab a card...
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    Help Tapu Lele & Shaymin Help

    Most of the time you only use them once, as their purpose is to help you set up faster. Once you are all set up you don't need them. You almost never want to attack with Shaymin to bounce it back. Tapu Lele makes a good secondary attacker so after you play it out start powering it up once you...