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  • But what if the judge also makes statements like "This pokemon has some fantastic stats", and in the end he says "stats like those simply can't beat"?
    Does the Judge has to say in his statement "Stats like those simply can't beat?" He's saying to me that "My dominant stat has potential but the rest of the stats are decent" no cons.
    What the judge is basically saying the "Tentacools greatest potential is their special defense", and the rest of their stats are decent no cons in his statement.
    I took all my 5 IV Tentacools, and the judge has evaluted my Tentacools, and he's saying "they definitely got some good stats". But he hasn't made a statement regarding outstanding overall, because all my tentacools are newly hatched.
    Hello again my dear friend. Your female Tentacool is ready for trade, it has 5 IVs, I just took it to an IV judge in Kiloude city to evaluate it. The IV judge has said "It has pretty decent stats in special defense overall". So I'm ready to offer it for trade now! Here's my FC: 1306-6329-4221 register me now!
    I have alot of female Tentacools they come with both abilities Liquid ooze, and Clear body. They're all Timid nature. However I don't have a 5IV one, I have to breed one with 5 IV for you. I'll let you know when I have a 5 IV one. :)
    I actually wanted a Herracross that knows the egg move Rock blast.
    It's alright I'll take your female Technician Scyther is it 5 IV?
    Sorry for the delay. I'm ready to trade whenever you are. For the Heracross, could you name it Atlas for me??
    Welcome to PokéBeach!
    If you ever have questions or need help, feel free to ask!
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