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    Tuesday, 3/27, Site Plans

    I know how you feel, WPM. I applied to five colleges, and got into four of them. The one I didn't get into? The one I wanted to go to the most. (Found this out about a week ago) Sophomore year was what killed me. I know it. All the other years I did extremely well. I tell ya, every bloody year...
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    Saturday, 3/24, Diamond and Pearl Theme Decks

    The Torterra deck looks really nice, with some gorgeous scenery. IMO, Empoleon looks rather ugly on his deck, however. Bit ironic considering how I love Empoleon and rather dislike Torterra.
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    What pokemon movie you like?

    Lucario had far-and-away the best storytelling, the best development of both humans and Pokemon, and the best music. Revelation Lugia gets an honorable mention, though. Yeah, block robots are truly the antichrist. :rolleyes:
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    dp pop ups in temple of the sea

    TR is the only characters in the series with the ability to break the 4th wall, thus proving that they are the most powerful beings in the universe.
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    What do you prefer?Dp 1 or dp2

    Playing-wise, DP2 is superior, but as a collector, I like the art in DP1 better.
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    Friday, 3/23, Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, Podcast Tonight

    I actually haven't posted on this forum in probably at least 6 months, although I'm coming back because I'm actually interested in participating in the podcast. I couldn't have done it last night because I was babysitting, so this change is perfect for me. It's not entirely 100% certain I can...
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    Thursday, 10/26, EX Dragon Frontiers

    Well, since Aerodactyl is part Flying, there was some reasoning/loophole there. And trust me, people complained about the POP Torkoal. Of course, I also thought Torkoal was part rock-type until it was brought up. >_<
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    Thursday, 10/26, EX Dragon Frontiers

    Okay...why the heck is the Expedition Larvitar reprinted? Art and all? Regarding the DP cards, are poison-type Pokemon going to count as Psychic now? Because in the games, Scorpi is Bug/Poison and Dorapion is Dark/Poison, yet both are Psychic type cards, and aren't Delta either as far as I'm...
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    set with the worst pokemon?

    Emerald was composed almost entirely of cards from that Quick Construction Pack thing in Japan, which were basically beginner half decks. Of course the set sucked. :P
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    From which sets are these cards?

    The Japanese sets can be a bit different from the English ones. The English Sandstorm had a bunch of cards from half decks thrown in, and the English Gym Heroes had some cards from Gym 2 mixed in also.
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    Does anybody here collect and not play?

    Pure collector here. I haven't actually played competitively since the Neo sets, so when people say things like "Ludicargo", I have no idea what the hell they're talking about. :P
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    EX Dragon frontiers English Scans and Pack, Theme deck art revealed!!!!

    ...I didn't even see it in one of your news stories, WPM. Though now that I've checked, it's tucked away in a really small paragraph that's easy to miss. Blah, since it's also the first I've seen of it, these are probably the best-looking booster packs since...ever. I like how they aren't...
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    Friday, 9/8, DP Anime News, Mystery Dungeon and Battle Frontier Today, New Review

    RE: Friday, 9/8, DP Anime News, Mystery Dungeon and Battle Frontier Today, New Revie Wobby didn't actually use an attack. It just rammed the cage.
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    Monday, 9/4, Diamond and Pearl Anime News

    Well, Team Rocket stayed around when Team Magma/Aqua were in, so chances are they'll still be around. Ash looks like he's wearing a fishing vest.
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    Monday, 8/28, Satoshi Tajiri's B-Day, EX CG Theme Deck Lists

    Feeling old yet, Mr. Tajiri? It seems we DO get a holo version of that Venusaur in English like it was in Japanese! We just have to retrieve it through a [email protected] theme deck...