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    EX: Barrel scraper

    Trainer card: Geek Trainer Supporter Fin a blakboard an kalkulait dis: 4.6/Y-H+Y8-*H19835^0.00000000001 Den sei de Grik alfabett bakkvords an rait a tecst onn 5 peiges wid rons inn 5 minnjuts. Den rite dis tekst corrrect. Drå ål jår prais kads. Yeah, it sucks -.-
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    A map making contest, make a burned forest!

    I all of the sudden got the idea to make a map contest. For those of you who are interessed: 1: Make a burned forest with these tilesets, remember to have them tiled up all the way, and when you delivers it: Here is the world map of the forest: After 24th December I will judge...
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    Some of my game stuff

    Well, that's horrible, because of 2 recons. 1: You've just edited MY town, a town I MADE 3 months ago. 2: The placements is horrible! My original: So, plz, stop using other people's sprites without giving credit!
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    Rusted Metals

    Sorry, I ment the Opal version, I was on your forum, then got to the Opal forum, was a little dumb =P I think it seems quite okay, what I've seen to now seems good, nice job. And again, sorry.
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    Rusted Metals

    Not ment to be rude, but when making new sprites, and Pokémon, try to scratch them, cause just mixing and recolors are not good, we can see that they are mixed, and also wich trainers/Pokémon that are mixed. And when making maps, use tiles, allways. Other than that, good.
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    My pokemon art, check it out <<<

    I'll give you 4/5, there is something about them that feels wrong, I can't tel what X3
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    D/P Cards

    I think Dorapion/Scorpi is Psychic because of some mistake. Or just because an idiot that works for Pokémon mixed up the types XD
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    Thursday, 10/26, EX Dragon Frontiers

    Am I the only one who have noticed the remakes! One of the Kirlias, Ralts', Pupitars, and Larvitars...
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    Pokemon What is your favorite Pokemon?

    Mine is now Rentoraa! *lovelions*
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    the wrong answer game!

    Because it's a freak. Why do I know CM's name?
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    Several TCG issues discussion

    Just to clear one thing out: The weakness and resistance changes from card to card, I bet, the more HP the higher weakness and resistance, the lower HP the lower weakness and resistance...
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    Pokemon: Opal Version game. need helpers!!! Update!!

    RE: Pokemon: Opal Version game. need helpers!!! Just to tell you, the sun wasn't the first light source x3
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    neo and shadow star

    Not to be rude, but to have a baby Pokémon in the E4? wtf, the e4 is supposed to be strong, and having a baby there makes it look quiet pitty. And I would also say that Octillery is a part of the unlogical evolution trio (Gyarados, Octillery, Milotic) So if you give Octillery an evo, Gyarados and...
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    Some maps from Pokémon Norgia, the fan-game!

    Ok, I've decided to let everyone who wants to see the Norgia maps see them. We have 5 100% finnished maps. Pacific Town: Route 301: Skaggerak Town: Route 302: Lapet City: Towns and Cities is made by me, routes by Cute Mew! DON'T USE WITHOUT PERMISION!
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    What Program do you use to make Avatars,Banners and Sprites?

    I use lain paint, nothing is better XD