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  • No I believe I've only received 4 out of 6 and you told me to post when done all 6? PokeGasm, venasour x, grantm1999, armaldo1 have sent.
    I'm too lazy to find specific examples, but if you looked through the thread, you'd find examples of you saying that other people's ideas wouldn't become real or that there not realistic. People know that, they just want to have fun. It doesn't really matter if attacks aren't perfect, and tbh I don't think they care whether or not their idea is perfect. I'm not trying to sound harsh, just lay off people a bit. Thanks.
    ps I'm a kid as well.
    I didn't want to post this on your thread because it would be like spamming, but please stop being so judgemental of other peoples' ideas on the future EX's thread. You have your opinions of what they will look like and other people have theirs. That's fine, but it seems like you think your way is the right way. Thanks for listening.
    1. Log into pokemon.com and go to the Dream World.
    2. Have a Pokemon tucked in so that the Dream World is accsesible.
    3. Go to the blue box that says "Promotions" on it.
    4. Click on the Arceus message and type in ARCEUSVOTE. Must be in all caps.
    5. It should say about Arceus in the entree forest.
    6. To make sure you have him, go to the dream world. In your house, check the board for Pokemon and it should say Arceus.
    7. Wake up your Pokemon.
    8. Go in Entree Forest and find Arceus.
    9. Talk to Arceus and use your Dream Ball to catch him.
    10. Congratulations, you now have a Level 100 Arceus.
    Also have you got Mewtwo yet?
    Because, when I set that link up, the URL of your tournament was almost identical. Now it can redirect to either tournament because you copycatted my URL at first. If the URL was just one or two words off from the beginning it will redirect depending on which page was visited most recently. I'm trying to fix it, but if you don't want this to happen in the future, don't plagiarize titles. :)
    Not entirely sure... I think Arceus is sometime in March, but as for Mewtwo... Well, I'm pretty sure it says somewhere on pokemon.com.
    You say you need Arceus and Mewtwo. You can get Mewtwo from wifi mystery gift and Arceus from dream world. The code for Arceus is ARCEUSVOTE. I got them both this way, hurry and get 'em before it's too late!
    true... i think it would be cooler to see people base a deck around some random card. it would be cooler and easier to judge too. Just giving ideas about ur next one. :p
    ur deck building competition's limits are kinda short. I could name some right now:
    zekeels (without mew two)

    I think you should make them harder, like do a limit as like

    it must be have three different types and must be be centered around jellicent NV for example,:D anyways I think that would be more challenging and funner to see IMO. :D
    or like it can only be from NV and EP
    Thats like the third time that happened. I replied to like all of them but they just deleted them. :p
    What what? You mean the weird random post about the NFL or something? That was weird. I think that mods deleted it though.
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