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  • Just posting here to say that I took a look at your sprite gallery, and I have to say that I'm impressed! You obviously put a lot of work into them, great job.
    That works for me. I'm central time so that would work. You are 1 hour ahead I believe so at my 4:00, you're 5:00?
    Unfortunaely, I've been keeping my technique a secret (adds to the value of these things :D) It took me about a week to finally figure out how to do them without them looking broken (ie: pixels missing in most of the frames). Since I charge a small fee occasionally in my shop (on another site), I prefer not to say how I do it (I have told a limited few that I have come to trust, though, so I'm not being barraged with orders as the only one who can make them). I remain the only one I know of that has found a way (impractical as it may be) to add custom features to the images without breaking the animation altogether.
    It's fine. I usually just queue them. I already have a shop for these things on another site which practically all the examples were made for.
    a black and red landorus ex plz :) and btw you should set up a shop for sprites
    Yeah, I noticed in your sig. If you're bored, I can request a sprite. Your sprites are very cool. Maybe even better than [member]The Fire Wyrm[/member]. Do you do color schemes (the color of another Pokemon's being used on the base for the sprite)?
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