venasour x
Mar 27, 2008
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Oct 8, 1994 (Age: 25)

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venasour x

Now I'm in college :), 25


    1. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      [quote=You]If I'm playing Quad Snorlax and have Snorlax active, and my opponent is playing Gothitelle with Goth active, how do we decide the winner? Assuming Gothitelle doesn't play any Lasers or Switch, and Snorlax can't do anything because of trainer lock, what happens?[/quote]

      Against Quad Snorlax, the Gothitelle player only plays down Gothita's, and attaches 2 DCE to a Gothitelle (only after the Gothitelle is up, because of Hammers) to use Madkinesis, which just means game over for Snorlax because you can't play Lasers or Hammers or anything that isn't a supporter. If they're forced to start with/bench something that isn't a Gothita, you Catcher it, and I guess you go for deck out? Haven't played that match up, so I don't know how that situation really goes.
    2. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]venasour x[/b], yeah. Oh well, I could always do it like last year. Only play in 2 spring Battle Roads, then open nats 5-1. :P
    3. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]venasour x[/b], nah. I'm busy the week of Wisconsin states, and I won't go anywhere else unless I can get a ride.
    4. One Approved
      One Approved
      do you have a facebook?
    5. safariblade
      PM me when you see this. We need to battle.
    6. One Approved
      One Approved
      Casual tourney deadline is tomorrow! Please try to get it done :)
    7. safariblade
      Let me know when you can battle.
    8. Bawksie
      Hey are you going to Gnome today?
    9. safariblade
      [b]venasour x[/b], I'll be away until Jan 5th also.
    10. Bawksie
      [b]venasour x[/b], Heck yeah man!
    11. Infinity
      I can't now, maybe later.
    12. alex
      [b]venasour x[/b], Can't sorry, I'm attempting to do home work :P
    13. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]venasour x[/b], yes. You're up against iSharingan (or however he spells it. It'll say in the thread.)
    14. iSharingan
      yep. sorry for not noticing sooner... so was that asking to meet at 4:00 CST?
    15. One Approved
      One Approved
      you're subbed into the casual tourney. need any help building a team don't be afraid to ask. :)
    16. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]venasour x[/b], ehh I might... although i'll probably be working. and I dunno, my parents don't usually let me go off for an entire weekend to play Pokémon. The only exception normally is nats.
    17. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]venasour x[/b], when is it? probably not though.
    18. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]venasour x[/b], yeah I saw that pic on facebook. Darkrai's pretty good. I just wish stupid landorus didn't exist
    19. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]venasour x[/b], ohhhhhh gotcha. LMK if you go. ;F

      what has been winning these days lol
    20. One Approved
      One Approved

      ...also are you a contributor now?
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    Oct 8, 1994 (Age: 25)
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • TCG Player
    • VG Player
    • Competitive TCG Player
    Generation Started:
    Well then...
    I am Venasour X, and I get the name from thinking "Venusaur" was spelled "Venasour" when I was 3. Anyway, these are some fun facts about me:
    1. I love reading.
    2. I am a social recluse (huge typo) and I hate people.
    3. I can't spell.
    4. I have 5 close friends that I actually LIKE to talk too.
    5. I am mildy annoyed by bad grammer.
    6. I hate people that don't use puncuation. Really, grammar is your friend.
    7. I also enjoy cooking.
    8. I just found out that I actually HATE bad grammar. Alot more than I used to.

    I also have alot of pet peeves, and here are some:
    ~Loud noises
    ~Very high pitched noises
    ~Background noises
    ~People that slam sliding doors
    ~Little kids (they make alot of loud noises)
    ~Stupid people
    ~People that are obssesive
    ~Dirty bathrooms
    ~"Popular" kids
    ~People that always say "I've had (insert number here) girlfriends and you haven't had one!"
    ~People that can't take a hint
    ~People that totally ignore all puncuation rules and type in one huge sentence...

    And, lastly, my Pokebeach friends:
    mr.619 (know him in real life, really cool friend)
    Pokeman (also know him in real life, cool friend)
    Arcanine King (know him in real life, kind of a friend)

    Chat quotes would go here, if I had any:


    Thanks go to Poke'Master for the Banner!
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