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  • You get an experience bonus if you get through areas undetected and take people out non-lethally. It adds up since it is like an extra 200 exp bonus for tranq-ing someone rather than shoving your elbow blade through their neck.

    You also don't burn through your resources as fast. This is a problem if you're not a experienced player and can't map where you need what and where everything is.
    Trust me. Non-lethal, not being caught, hardest difficulty is the funnest time you will have.
    Dude. One of the best games of this generation. The Missing Link DLC is a must buy too.
    Is that even a question? PS4.
    I'm not getting it at Christmas though, I'll be getting it sometime later just to keep an eye on any hardware faults there may be. I'll be getting a decent laptop before then.
    Up to you whether you use them.
    Rabble Rabble.
    At least watch all the cutscenes otherwise you won't know what's happening D:

    Also Portable Ops too I guess because that may be important. Big Boss meets Campbell in that game and he also appears in the MGS V trailer.
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