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  • Some Loser, Is it because of the blonde girl? If so then I think we may have similar reasons for checking it out.
    Some Loser, There's an edit of the full version of the ad with the entire cast where Rei's head is shaved bald. I thought that was kind of funny. Also You might want to give Haganai a watch. I thought it was pretty entertaining when I marathoned it the other day.
    I clearly have too high an intelligence if I can think of something like this. This is the best idea anyone has ever had.
    Dudedude. Dude! DUEDUEDUEDE! Dude!

    I am SO gonna draw Eren...get this. I am gonna draw Eren. Eren. With his Titan form as his stand.

    *Goes crazy*
    I went back to the video and it said 'lik dis if u cry evry tim ;('
    I do cry every time

    Oh, the video's in my sig too.
    Some Loser, oh right, Six Sams. Silly me. I forgot.
    Gateway of the Six, yeah, I could understand. Stratos? No way. He was fine at 1, maybe 2.
    This...this just isn't fair.
    After attending the funeral, I feel like I should change my avatar to Stratos for the next few weeks or something.
    Some Loser, Upon closer inspection it was the second thing
    I did visit your page earlier so I might have clicked it by accident while trying to get back to the dashboard? .-.
    Some Loser, I believe you are either mistaken or the tumblr machine has made a fool out of me.
    Some Loser, Haha, really!? How strange! I've been meaning to start the Bioshock series. I really want to play them in order, but Bioshock 1 is surprisingly expensive at the moment and I can't afford it... Especially with X and Y on the horizon.
    Well there aren't many that you need. Cloaking, Strength, Hacking, Icarus and the double knock out. I know ways of getting most of what you need by the time you leave Detroit for the second time. All depends on where you are in the game atm.

    You can also almost fully upgrade your pistol before you leave for China. I do that because the upgraded pistol looks so sexy in that game and it's mad OP. Went through the entire game with just a pistol and a shotgun once.
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