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  • Well kinda, actually! Relativistic equations have been adopted in quantum theory, which gives rise to quantum field theory as a means of reconciling quantum mechanics and relativity. The two are compatible to a degree; bosons dictating the behaviour of electromagnetism (photons), strong forces (gluons) and weak forces (W and Z bosons) are all well behaved in quantum field theory. However, gravitons simply don't fit into it. The equations diverge into infinities. The graviton is kinda like the missing link between the two theories. String theory is a supposed solution to the graviton problem, but I only know vaguely of the statements it makes.

    Usually, if an equation returns an infinite answer, it means it's faulty! Even with black holes, there is speculation as to if a density can be treated as infinite, or if the equations just go bust after a certain point (probably the latter)
    Also I have no way of accessing Pokemon Showdown right now! What's the scoop?
    Infinities that converge towards a finite number are not an issue, nor are infinite limits in calculus (indeed, they are immensely useful, such as for the integration of the Gaussian Distribution e^(-x^2) which is extremely common in wavefunction calculus yet has no known solution if not integrated with infinite limits). I feel that infinities in mathematics are more "How big/small can we make this until making it any bigger/smaller has no more bearing on our final answer?", so they aren't technically infinite in that sense, to me. This is pretty much the crux of calculus wherein we toy about with values that, small as they may be, still aren't exactly infinity's alter ego 0. I feel that infinity (and 0?) are simply useful mathematical tools, they don't really have a place in nature.

    As for the size of the universe... Mmm, don't actually know that one. I'm not nearly confident enough in the physics of cosmology to give an answer to call my own! Maybe that could be considered a different sort of infinity, though. In dimensions of infinite expanse, physical laws acting within are not comprimised (i.e. You don't need to put limits on your Cartesian set of axis when plotting the curve of a projectile), but if infinities occur in certain observable properties then we definitely have a problem (i.e. The projectile must have a boundary on its velocity or mass, else infinities arrise in Kinetic Energy)
    Math often breaks down with infinity, and nature dances along the fine slice of maths that we dub physics, so it would seem that way. We never encounter infinities when observing the universe, and when laws might break down it is impossible to observe it happening (such as with black holes)!

    I believe that the universe is logical in nature, perhaps the most mysterious property of all, and that logic really doesn't get along with infinity. Usually infinites are a result of poor mathematical language.
    GODZILLA, man, if there is a God, He's probably going to want to rewrite the laws of physics- we keep finding glitches in His program.
    I got mine in 4 years ; )

    I am considering a PhD in quantum theory. Lately I have become grossly involved with the nature of consciousness and quantum measurement. Eastern philosophy is fascinating for this sort of thing, you wouldn't believe how well quantum theory meshes with Buddhism.
    It's great to hear your studies are going well, keep it up! When do you finish even? Feels like you've been there for a good couple of years...
    It's pretty good. I'm not sure I would describe it as an intelligent show, but it's certainly well made and enjoyable. You can find all the episodes uploaded onto Youtube if you were curious.

    How have you been?
    It's actually a legit show, I feel more nerdy for still enjoying Pokemon to be honest!

    I'd love to speak with you again too. The current plan is to visit here more than once every 2 years, so I do expect to be around every now and then, don't worry! I can't really say when I'll be online, but it hopefully shouldn't be too impossible to run into me.

    Feel free to e-mail me anytime between 4 hours ago and 6 hours from now if you're online and I might be able to stop doing whatever I'm doing to come and chat.

    Yours truly,
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