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  • No, I figured out its base speed and ended up knowing too much about its momentum.
    What even /are/ those spikes coming out of his back? Are they glowing? Are they radioactive? Is Tyranitar's new method of dealing passive damage /radiation poisoning/?
    Never ever, you're right. T^2 for life.

    Did you see this trailer for the "Pokemon Origins" 1.5 hr. long telling of Pokemon Red/Blue version??

    I have never been excited for anything related to the anime.

    I am so stocked for this! Imagine if they play renditions of the original music?!???!?!!

    GODZILLA, the other dino doesn't even stand a chance when it comes to making the spot on my team...
    I'm only alive occasionally, though, and even then it's usually for just a few hours. Oh well, I guess it's better than nothing.
    Ah yeah, time zones... Well, I'm online for like the next hour or so! Maybe not Skype, but I'll be lurking in chat. If you see me you see me!
    I am so happy to hear that! Where are you working?

    I'm doing well. Next semester starts next week. I am excited to have only 3 semesters left. Not too long until I apply for grad school.
    Yeah sorry about that! I guess I've been a bit busy. I landed a job \o\ /o/

    How are you?
    I do have a Kindle, actually (I love it, if only it had an MP3 players and better web browsing). I am actually considering getting a textbook on it for the first time. I'll be using the "Kindle for PC" to read it on the computer instead. The cost is one third that of ordering a real book. :/

    What's the book you downloaded?
    Do you have a Kindle by any chance? There's a really cool book I downloaded onto it for 77p or so.
    I like all three. I probs dislike Fennekin the most actually, the neck is uncomfortably thin for me. Plus I think a Fennec Fox is out of place compared to the other European starters (Fennec is an American species I think?)
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