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  • Elite Stride, the playerbase here is quite competent, yes, so I'd say expect Pokebeach-level difficulty or higher. People do always love to see innovative team/deck ideas, though, so there's also that to consider.

    Tips for first-timers? Just take it easy, for the most part. The playerbase is for the most part very accommodating to newcomers and are glad to help peeps out. I'm sure you'll get along with the players quite well!
    Elite Stride, I'm going to be in a labcoat, since that is the designated attire for judges. I'm pondering either:

    ~making myself look like Achroma
    ~putting a plushie, probably Shellos, in the coat pocket (only if I can't do the first one)
    Elite Stride, it's not Spring - it's Winter. They shifted the dates around a bit. As usual, it will be on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, on January 19th (TCG) and 20th (VGC). I'm going to end up being there both days as a judge, so if you run into me (I plan some sort of gimmick to make me more noticeable), feel free to say hi.

    And you're welcome!
    You seem like a pretty swell guy.
    Southern California? You plan on coming to Regs?
    Long time no see. Merry Christmas XD. Maybe we can do some trades sometime. I still have all my 4th gen events and also my 5th gen ones too XD.:)

    Merry Christmas.:)
    Hahaha, no, sorry. Back when I joined, I was only interested in VG, then games, then the WC (Writer's Corner). But in my years of this site, no, I haven't seen his fic. But by the way you say it, he seems like a awesome fanfic writer. I hope he comes back. :)

    Thanks for asking!
    You've been here for a long time, haven't you? I noticed by the banner that looked familiar. :)

    If you were coming back... then welcome back.
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