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  • Delta, I'm newer than most people here but at the same time I can't really be considered one of the old guard. I'm like...right in the middle.
    Delta, I should try a run with a level 2 Sword sometime. Every playthrough for the best ending, I traded it for the Nemesis. I always thought it was better.
    Delta, Yea, when the place crashes down, it's so important that you don't get hit by falling blocks. Even just one block, you're down to 45 if you get all of the Life Capsules (50 when you get the last one). You want to survive as much as possible in the last dungeon. If you get hit, it's almost worth considering to restart and beat the bosses again.
    Delta, Best ending is amazing. It's also amazingly difficult. The trick is to play for a few hours until you get the hang of it. If you don't save a Life Pot for it, you'll need even more surviving skill, or it'll be so much harder. Basically if you save it for the FINAL final boss, you have the Spur, and you have a decent amount of skill with Cave Story, you'll get it. The harder part is getting TO the last boss.
    Delta, Speaking of Machine Gun, I'm working on my Machine Gun and Snake run now. The only best ending run I've ever done is with the Spur.
    Delta, You play Cave Story? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! It's like my favorite video game! Finally I know someone who's heard of it.
    Delta, I haven't played the game THAT much, but I almost completed a playthrough at a friend's house of Mass Effect 1. It was a pretty awesome game, especially because I'm a huge fan of Shooter games with an upgrading system (I don't know if it falls under the category of RPG).

    I have a friend who plays this game wayyyy too much. I think he did like 8 ME2 playthroughs and like 3 ME1. He's crazy o.o'
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