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  • What have you done to the Gengar from that comic I posted in YLYL those many months ago, hahahaha
    Uninstall, Lol I love grabbing the Dekunut's swords and using them :3. Donkey Kong 64 presented the collecting aspect in a much more easy and less frustrating way. In Donkey Kong 64 you knew what to do and where to go instead of in Mario 64 where it was just going into the level and figuring it out on your own. It doesn't matter anyway :p, we have our opinions. I love Banjo Kazooie too and that was manditory to collect everything to move on :p. I just remember the frustration and annoyingness of Mario 64.

    Galaxy only brought amazing visuals. The 2 player mode was dumb. Once again the stars that you couldn't do you had to try over and over till you did get it...that one it WAS mandatory. Ugh.....Speed Star in the Big Galaxy still haunts me. I never beat it...I rage quit after about the 30th time...literally.
    Uninstall, Wind Waker wasn't tedious for me. I liked it alot. It's my favorite LoZ game. Majora's Mask was just over shadowed GREATLY because of how amazing OOT was. That is regarded as one of the greatest games ever and I'm in love with it. Majora's Mask just bugs me with it's time limit. You shouldn't be rushed through a game. You can't enjoy it if your rushed.

    Donkey Kong 64 was quite an amazing game for it's time, it provided an open world and landscape comparable to Mario 64. Sadly it suffered from the dreaded need of the Expansion Pak. I don't know what you see wrong with that game. It's alot like Banjo Kazooie, which is a great game. Only downfall was the lack of bosses. They fixed that in the second one which I think is one of the best N64 games there is.

    Alot of Gamecube games were bad. I don't really know why they were but even some of the up and coming titles just sucked. I miss the N64 and how amazing most of the games were. Mario 64 was ground breaking because along with OOT it was new ground that gaming companies had not touched yet. A full open world in 3Dish like 64 bit graphics....ya blew most peoples minds. Maybe I just need to go back and play Mario 64 again but all I remember from that game was being miserable and not liking it at all. With how similar Mario Galaxy is...I'm pretty sure I won't like it...but keep an open mind I guess
    Uninstall, That isn't the final screen I thought. I get unneededly frustrated playing that game also. Especially the DS one...oh...god. I don't know what it was about that game...but I just couldn't even get to Luigi or any of the others that you have to save. One part I remember that was most annoying was the under water level with the sunken ship and the eels...I don't know what it is about that game but I just can't stand it. Repetitiveness also bugs me. Going into a level 4 times to get all the stars or even getting 4 different stars gets very boring. You shouldn't yawn while playing a game (I'm looking at you Pokemon Rumble Blast)

    Mario Galaxy is guilty of the same thing. You beat the game, you get everything...then you have to do it all again as Luigi?! To tedious and boring. Most people wouldn't have the patience to really beat the game. Mario Galaxy 2 isn't as bad but still it's guilty of this. I tried getting the speed star on the giant word (The one with the giant wigglers and giant goomba's) till I literally gave up...and that's not common for me.

    I'll admit...Mario 64 isn't a bad's just not for some people. In my opinion there are better games on the N64, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, Pokemon Snap, Legend of Zelda OOT, (No...NO Majora's Mask does not belong on this's too hard. TOO HARD. Maybe I'm just missing something? I'm sorry but I can't play the same first dungeon till I have the level done in 2 min flat.) Mario Kart, Heck I'll even put Mario Party 3 on that list...but Mario 64 is low on my list of best N64 games...
    Uninstall, It's too tedious. It forces you to get all the stars if you want to go anywhere. It has you do the things that you are horrible at on that game over and over till you finally beat it. I guess what I'm saying is that making you beat the game 100% just to finish it is to tedious and annoying for most people to actually do. You know how many times I had to do that one slide part with the penguins...ALOT, because I sucked so bad but I had to do it because you can't miss a single star. Ya it was ground breaking for it's time but it's to frustrating of a game for me to have patience for.
    Uninstall, some months ago I was banned over a misunderstanding. I've contributed enough to the forums that me having this position is the next step in advancing the TCG program. I wouldn't expect any other promotions from anyone for a long time.
    Uninstall, Yep, pretty amazing journey when you think about it. Banned at least three times in three years, promoted to Mod and then Super in one year. And yet, back at square one! ;p Thank God I have this sexy avatar to calm me down too.
    Uninstall, Ah, that's good to know. Some people, as you can see, aren't too fond of mine. :/ I do like yours, though.
    Delta, Well thank you. :3 I strive everyday to find the perfect avatar, as you can already see. ^_^


    I still have yet to preorder it (MUST.HAVE.COLLECTORS EDDITION), but I will whenever I get the chance.

    Mass Effect is one of my favorite series ever, and the ending will be epic.

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