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  • CrystalEyeMonster, So how does a Mewtwo war start? Somebody has to attack a nonMewtwo first. Then it begins. Unless their idiots and both bench a Mew2 then 1 guy catcher kos the others mew2, which would happen with people who dont know how to play the mewtwo wars. Get it?
    CrystalEyeMonster, if u attack with mewtwo 1st against a non-mewtwo pokemon u lose the war
    CrystalEyeMonster, eeew rayeels isnt great anymore. its all mewtwo eels, which is insane quick
    CrystalEyeMonster, .....So what your saying is the only good deck is Hydreigon? How is Eels killed by Keldeo? Eels is faster, more consistent, and strong. Landorus is good because it hits most of the meta quickly and for weakness while its able to 2HKO nearly any EX.
    CrystalEyeMonster, It aint Vileplume at all. Dusknoir is better than you think, and frankly Keldeo is.....not that great. Plus, I utilize Darkrai more than Landorus, Landorus is just an amazing starter and screws most Eels.
    CrystalEyeMonster, I haven't run that in forever. I've been running DMT and now I am testing a bunch of different decks: Darkrai/Hydreigon, DMT, a secret deck, and Darkrai/Lando/Dusknoir
    CrystalEyeMonster, Same. Still tryin to over come my luck problems :p
    iisnumber12 is jeremy, justintam is justin, emmet is emmet
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