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    Dunsparce and Skate Park from ‘Fusion Arts!’

    Super happy about that Dunsparce - absolute lifesaver for my Togekiss decks, espc at League where we've got a bunch of lightning deck players. Losing weakness guard energy really hurt it. Great card for cubes, too!
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    'Chilling Reign,' June's English TCG Set!

    They each have their form as part of their name, so 4 of each is allowed.
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    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    Ooo, really like Peonia if that translation is correct - great for cubes! Most (maybe all? can't think of another off the top of my head) of those style of effects only work with face down prize cards, so having a prize-swap card that works with face up ones will be great synergy with stuff like...
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    'Battle Style' is March's Set, Introduces New Single Strike and Rapid Strike Cards!

    Nice to see a more viable Lifesplosion in Orbeetle. Rare candy plays are a lot easier than Gen V/VI Fossil mechanics. It's even a colorless requirement this time, too! Tis a shame that Vs, VMaxes, & TagTeams are still gonna stomp all over such a deck, though. :P
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    New Pokemon Officially Announced, But It's a Glitched Image!

    Should be noted that the Pokemon has a page here. Interesting that it's a Fighting type. Not sure what to make of it yet, really! ~Mysterious~ EDIT: Holy heck, I just realized how heavy it is. 257.9 lbs?! The proportions make it seem like a small 'mon, but that weight is really high. As for...
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    'Dragon Majesty,' Special Set Releasing in America This Fall!

    Minor text error that I'd thought I'd point out: the second Swablu is listed as having 60 HP in the text translation, but the picture shows it only has 50 HP. :)
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    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    US #54 looks miiiiiighty like a Pal Pad to me! Would LOVE to see that return! Several old trainers returning, in fact! Curious on what UM #53 is, though - looks like it might have something to do with getting or swapping items? Maybe something like Pokémon Communication for items (that'd be dope)...
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    News 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon' Review Copies Out, Some Spoilers!

    UB Adhesive is UB Sticky in Japanese. I prefer the sound & shortness of UB Sticky, so I use that. ;)
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    News 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon' Review Copies Out, Some Spoilers!

    Should be noted that UB Sticky isn't actually the first UB to evolve - the Cosmog line are UBs. EDIT: Forgot the Aether Foundation actually referred to Nebby as a UB, so it is stated in the games. Edited out the bit that wasn't sure on it being stated directly. Also, seems the OP has since been...
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    PokeBeach’s October 2017 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Confirming - we've agreed to ID. Never thought I'd need to use Excel in a Pokemon tournament! Quite the scoreboard watching adventure. XD This'll actually be my first Top Cut! Funz. Hope we get to play each other for real at some point in there, and good luck! :D
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    PokeBeach’s October 2017 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Same - while the horrendous draw was my main downfall, your build of that deck was what made it so I couldn't come back from that (save for that perfect Syc & draw to barely win me game 2). And you played it very smart! GG - hope we can both manage to get into Top Cut. :) BTW, @PMJ, the score...
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    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    It'll be interesting to see what these Prism Star cards are... it's obviously a reference to Necrozma, and I would presume Dusk Mane & Dawn Wings Necrozma GX are two of them (also wouldn't be surprised at them being classified as Ultra Beast cards, too, because this "Light Trio" are Ultra...
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    PokeBeach’s October 2017 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    I, Coolpilot, defeated @Julio Penaloza 2-1. Despite my internet cutting out game 1 before I could even put my starting Pokemon down (bloody Comcast...), managed to crawl my way through the two actually-played games! Very good games, btw, which was a bit surprising given the somewhat lopsided...
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    News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

    A little weird having the SR Warp Energy in this set instead of Shining Legends, but at least we still get it. Mainly glad to get Counter Energy - that is going to be amazing for non-GX-centric decks (spread especially). Also glad that thus seems to be a much more support-centric set - there's...
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    News Japan's SM4+ Set: 'GX Battle Boost!'

    Wow, those Gold GXs look amazing. Shame the chance of pulling one is 1/17,462 due to the ridiculous number of secret rares. And you just know these two are going to cost a fortune to buy as singles, especially Solgaleo. :/