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  • Can I get your Friend Safari? Jk. Though, I may already have it...
    Hopefully the Ditto cave in Emerald will be in ORAS.
    Depends on the year. Last year I was there 3 times: once for Christmas through New Year, once in May for wedding prep, and then again in September for the wedding itself. Even though it's been almost a year since I've been there now, this is my first of 2 trips this year; hubby and I will both be heading back to my folks for Christmas and then to Disney World for New Year. It'll probably slack down after this, though; it would be nice to be able to travel to other places on vacations rather than just always going home to visit family. :p
    Flight leaves tomorrow and I'll be back home again on the 27th. I'll likely be floating around in some capacity while I'm gone, though. :p
    CMP said:
    He didn't go overboard discussing them, but Luis did mention them at least! For what it's worth, I liked them.

    He did too, though I overlooked it oops :p
    I guess that all the links you have in your Neo Redux thread are of completed cards? Because, if that is true, the Rayquaza link is broken.
    ...I seem to be bothering you a lot with these links, sorry:(.
    I don't want to clog up your thread too much, but unfortunately the image is still down for me :/
    CMP, Probably a step in the right direction mate. Though you've probably seen my little rants on deviantART lol
    CMP, What if I could walk at age 0 :O

    Or... Have you been faking for >15 years (double :O)
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