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  • chellochello, Yeah, he seems cool. I personally didn't care about the outcome once my own team lost but when I saw what happened, I just felt emotional for the team. It's honestly a great story for basketball because it certainly doesn't happen all the time. I like when teams have a tangible reason to play/win.
    chellochello, I'm just glad to see they won. I pulled for them after I saw what happened to Ware. Still just a tad bitter my own home team lost to Ohio State, but can't win them all haha.
    Oooooh no. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no. Not this guy again... :p

    Welcome back. Great to see you here again. :D
    Yes. Stop spammin meh profile! Go request art! ;)

    I think I'll update that thing now.
    I never get on anymore, but we broke up in February. Neither of us has updated that.
    I didn't think you'd ever come back, bro. I forgave you over a year ago. Actually, I was somewhat missing the company, so it's great to see you again. Now go get an avatar and join in.
    chellochello, I'm doing pretty well, no major complaints with anything. And yes, I do indeed have a 3DS. Gotta go eat dinner now so won't be replying as quickly in case you're expecting that.
    chellochello, Ohey there, haven't seen you in quite a while. How are you doing?
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