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  • Amphy23, Uh yes please you got the names right it be awesome to have them nicked
    It's fine. I just didn't want to feel like I was forcing you into the leftovers trade. It's pretty much THE item a pokemon holds competitively if not a Life Orb or another set-specific item. Stalzy or not, a lot of pokemon will cary leftovers, so just let me know if you ever need some in the future and I'll send some high level Pick Up mons your way.
    only if you don't need the lefties/if you already have pickup abusers. I'm not out to ask too much.

    After all I AM offering shiny ditto too (sure, I RNGed all 6 of the IVs to be 0 just to mess with people on the GTS, but you can still get something else desirable for it, like a Mewtwo/Xerneas/Yveltal/etc.)
    Eh... the only thing I could possibly need is the Feraligatr/totodile, but not really :/. I am currently offering some shiny lvl 10 ditto I RNGed in HG/SS in exchange for leftovers (and I wouldn't mind tossing in a corphish). Alternatively, I'm offering 3 level 100 Pick Up users in exchange for the same item (again, willing to toss in corphish just the same). level 100 Pickup makes it possible to get more leftovers (as well as prism scales plus a very good chance for good stuff like Rare Candies and other medicinal items that can sell for good amounts of cash, if need be), but after a little luck followed by a week-long dry spell, I'm sick of grinding for leftovers myself.
    Amphy23, Did you ever input my FC it says your still not my friend. Yours is 1478-3063-5795 correct?
    Hey I`m ready to trade whenever you are. You have the charmanders right.
    It would have to be quick, like 15 mins. And the DCs are high with my internet, but this is the last day so why not?
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