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  • Check, It's alright. No need to apologize, I was super busy for 2 weeks and most my free time was spent catching up on the sleep debt. I can trade any time tomorrow on.
    Informing you that a 3-day extension has been given to the tournament. Please try to get the match done.
    I always kind of pictured Elsa as more of an Aurorus or Lapras trainer myself, but Froslass is a good one too, and one of my favourite Pokémon to boot. :)
    Go ahead and send me a request IG. I'll have my system on next to me for a good chunk of the day. If I'm slow at responding, I'm in a multiplayer game and just getting to a safe spot first. My IGN is wither Alex or Xzania.
    Never got to say thanks for the trade so thank you! Already been breeding some nice stuff with it!
    Check, New estimate is about 6. I'm sorry for the long wait. I hate depending on other people. Dx I'll be online and ready hopefully at 6. Thank you for waiting.
    Check, Alright, I will add you once I get Internet which should be very soon. See you online in a bit!
    Check, Lol, I will give you the Thundurus just because I feel bad that there's nothing you really want of mine. Might as well give you something you want a little.

    My FC: 1950-8771-9381
    IGN: Oren

    Let me know yours, I will add you, and then we will trade soon! Thank you very much, you haven't a clue how much I appreciate the trade, been looking for a foreign 6IV Ditto for so long.
    Check, I mean that would be really nice of you to do that. If there's nothing at all you want then I guess I will take it for free but I can give you the Thundurus if you like?

    Also I don't have internet access at this very moment but I should within the hour so let's exchange FC's and would you be available at around 4:30 EST time? In about 45 min?
    Check, Wow, that was fast! Take a look at my trade thread (in my signature) to see if there's anything you would like for it. I've seen your thread and I know you've already got a lot of Pokemon bred so hopefully you can find something.
    Check, Lol, gotcha. Let me know if it works out, I'd happily give you a generous offer for it.
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