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  • I read on one of your posts that you are able to clone your 6IV Japanese Ditto? If so I'd be extremely interested in it it's one of my 2 major wants at the moment. If you wanna take a look at my list and see if there's anything you want from it that'd be great thanks.
    Check, Hey thanks - I realize this but have no idea how to delete or modify it so it works!
    Check, Thats the first time Ive heard that :/ thats unprofessional on game freaks part haha. But yeah, thats the reason why.
    Check, Yveltals ability is Dark Aura. Basically it powers up its dark moves. Maybe thats why? And also, I dont get it..but even though Metagross is part steel type, it was super effective. Idk if they did type advantage changes or whatever but it surprised me too.
    Check, The only pokemon Ive IV bred for is vulpix and Noibat. and I dont EV train haha thats the best part. Just because you lost once, youve convinced yourself that Ive EV trained like crazy xD I play this game for the fun of it, I dont grind day and night to create this crazy OP team to beat people with. The only pokemon I had on my team with any special training whatsoever was my hydreigon which I got in a trade. Im sorry dude, its called a tactical strategy. Norlt relying on IVs and raw power. Just some friendly advice though, Im not trying to pick an internet fight. Thats just useless on both our parts
    Check, Well thats good :) A little bit of advice for you though. Damn near everyone uses legendaries to be cheap. So dont get so angry when you battle somebody who has one.
    My friend is 0774-4250-7724 lets battle sometime! I'm not as good as u think though...
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