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  • Chariblaze, How do we do that? I don't own Starforce anymore. Not like I could really contribute (FC wise) I can revive it but not much else.
    Chariblaze, oh right Seaside Cave. Forgot that was there.

    *is mostly familiar with BW1 and doesn't remember BW2 map as well*
    Chariblaze, And I do believe that EX Battle Boost was just a filler set for Japan while we got Megalo Cannon. That would explain why Genesect had it's TCG set debut in March. So we could get it in August and that would put us at the same place as Japan. Then we would be on schedule for XY TCG this fall
    Chariblaze, Well, Shaymin was obtainable through a mission in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. But yeah, now that Deoxys has gotten a fresh proper distribution, that puts Shaymin up at top of the "Mythical Pokemon that's been the longest since it was last distributed" list
    Chariblaze, I think it's safe to say that with every piece of XY news, we will get simultaneously. Though the information we got yesterday was not on the Japanese website.
    Only three Pokémon dolls until we have a complete set of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Jirachi, Manaphy, and Genesect.
    Well, Plasma Freeze is out now. So you know what that means? August set news in a few weeks . . . . . . . . . . *Genesect*
    Alright sure thing :)

    If I had started doing them from my first one on other forums that's probably would I would have ended up having to do :p
    Wasn't sure I could do that. I only plan on doing one more and probably hold off on anymore for a while. What do you suggest I go about doing? Anything works for me as long as it's easier for you guys.

    Also not sure if the character limit would allow the spoiler suggestion. I'd probably just revamp the whole OP.
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